Zscaler Application Profiler: Indicate Security Levels Of Phone Apps By Estimating Privacy Risks
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The applications that you use on your smartphone often communicate your data online and pass on information to their servers for processing. Since your data is sent through the Internet, there is a risk to your privacy. Here to analyze that risk is a web app called Zscaler Application Profiler.

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Zscaler Application Profiler is a free to use web application that helps estimate the risk to your privacy when it comes to using smartphone applications. The web app covers iOS and Android phone applications. All you have to do is type in the name of the app along with “iOS” or “Android”, whichever one applies; direct URLs of the smartphone app can also be provided. You are given a risk score that factors in authentication, device metadata leakage, personally identifiable information leakage, and exposed content.



Check out Zscaler Application Profiler @ zap.zscaler.com

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