Zip Lock: Double Protect Compressed Files
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While password-protected zip files is a common practice, there are several tools online that can easily crack the password and unzip the file. If you are obsessed about protecting your compressed files, then you should try Zip Lock. This free and portable app allows you to double-protect your zip files by creating a new extension that can only be decrypted by the same program. This will prevent unlocking tools cracking it.

protect compressed files

Once you have downloaded and installed Zip Lock, just drag and drop your zip file to the application to create your “zip lock bag” or .zlb file. You can then create a password for the .zlb file to protect it. To unlock it, you will need to enter the password within Zip Lock. To make it more confusing, the .zlb file will extract to a corrupted zip file if the wrong password is typed.

Zip Lock is a nice tool for those who want the peace of mind knowing that their zip files won’t be cracked by amateur snoopers.


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