Zingaya: Let Your Website Visitors Call You

Zingaya is a cool web service that let your website visitors call you from your website. This is how Zingaya works: you embed a widget on your website with a “call me” button. When a user clicks the button, the call is forwarded to any Skype (for free), landline or mobile (not free) number that you have specified.



All your users need is a microphone to talk to you. Zingaya also gives you a virtual private number that can be forwarded to any phone line. The Zingaya widget can be integrated on any website for customer support, e-commerce, social web or any other purpose. It lets you receive calls on one line for free, additional lines can be obtained for a small monthly fee.


  • Allow your visitors to call you from your website.
  • Receive the call on land line, mobile or Skype number.
  • Record web calls and store online.
  • Receive unlimited number of calls.
  • Get additional lines and widgets for a small monthly fee.

Visit Zingaya @ www.zingaya.com

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  1. skykid
    July 23, 2010 at 8:39 pm

    Thanks for posting. Its an interesting service. However for whatever reason the calls over skype do not get redirected to voice mail even if enabled.