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ZenVPN Helps You Stay Secure Online with a Couple of Clicks

MakeUseOf Deals 08-01-2019

The likes of Facebook and Google essentially use your web history to make money. It’s a pretty bad situation, but many of us feel unable to take back control. ZenVPN is a service that provides a simple solution. This speedy VPN lets you block trackers and hackers with a couple of clicks. Right now, you can get lifetime protection for $34.99 at MakeUseOf Deals.


Instant Protection

The Internet is filled with brilliant things. But just like the real world, there are villains. Government agencies, social networks, and even ISPs are happy to invade your privacy. ZenVPN shuts down these bad actors instantly.

The service uses masking servers to disguise your true IP address and location, meaning no-one can track you across the web. In addition, ZenVPN encrypts all your data. Even if someone managed to hack your connection, they won’t be able to access your personal data.

You can set up ZenVPN with a couple of taps. The app works in the background to keep your connection secure, meaning you can focus on more interesting things. For instance, you could sample geo-blocked content from around the world — ZenVPN has 150 servers in 34 countries. This service also supports torrenting.

Just as importantly, ZenVPN keeps no record of your online activity. Even if the authorities come calling, there’s nothing to find.

Lifetime Service for $34.99

It’s worth $1,000, but you can get lifetime service with ZenVPN now for just $34.99.


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