Yutongo: A Crowd-Sourced Method Of Developing Ideas

Dave LeClair 11-05-2013
    Are you in a position where you need to come up with ideas? Maybe you are a product manager, and you need to bring something new and innovative to your next big meeting? Perhaps you work on the web and need an idea to make your website really pop? Whatever the reason, coming up with an idea can be really difficult, and getting help from other people can really get the idea train rolling.

    Needing an idea and not having one is stressful, and Yutango is a tool designed to nullify that problem with the crowd-souring capabilities of others.

    crowd sourced ideas

    With Yutongo, project owners can sign up for an account and get access to the thoughts and ideas from the community. Project owners create a series of questions, and the answers to these questions from the community all come together to create a functional idea. The people participating in the process are chosen by the project lead, so they are able to work with whomever they want.

    Companies can sign up for a paid plan to get access to the entire community, or they can just use the tools in a self service plan, which is available for much cheaper, or even with a free plan.


    In addition, you can sign up to the site as an idea giver, and you can actually make money for the projects in which you contribute. This can be a great way to make some money while using your skills to contribute to the ideas of others.


  • Crowd-sourced idea generating platform.
  • Choose the people who contribute to your project.
  • Sign up to be an idea person or as a business to get ideas.
  • Easy to use on both sides of the app.

Find Yutongo @


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