Yummly Lets You Share Recipes Just by Saying “Yum”

Angela Randall 15-02-2013

yummly recipeFans of online recipe sites may have heard of Yummly before as it’s been around for a while. But recently it’s had one hell of a spruce-up and added a whole lot of new social features and other updates to the site. Browsing Yummly has never looked better and sharing recipes is now as easy as pressing “Yum”.


Yummly launched back in 2010 Yummly - A Recipe Search Engine to Spice Up Your Cooking Read More and is currently one of the fastest-growing food sites on the net. Their main aim is to bring in recipes from all over the web, making the recipes easy for you to search and find your favorites. Now that they’ve added their new social features, they are well and truly ready to become the Pinterest of the food world. Now is the time for you to test out the upgrade and see for yourself!

Yummly’s Re-Vamp

Yummly has always been very useful as a search engine and easy on the eyes, however the recent overhaul has made it look fabulous. The recipes are bright and appealing, and each recipe is shown with images of similar recipes alongside it. So if another one catches your eye, you can jump directly to that recipe instead.

As well as bigger photos, Yummly has added new recipe sources, improved the search functions so that it’s smoother and faster, and added taste profiles to give better recommendations to you. The rating of each recipe is now more accurate, incorporating Yummly user ratings and other social feedback alongside the reputation of the source site generally.

Yummly Search

Yummly have made recipe search as easy as possible, ensuring all food requirements are taken into consideration. It doesn’t matter if you’re vegetarian, gluten intolerant, hate spinach or just trying to cut back on calories; Yummly lets you filter your results to find just what you’re after. As well as foods you love or hate, you can also filter by holiday celebrations, cuisine, diet, courses, the source site of the recipe, cooking techniques, tastes (e.g. salty, bitter, sweet), nutrition, brands of ingredients or how recently the recipe was added.

yummly recipe


When you’re viewing the recipe, you can see the full list of ingredients, links to the original recipe, nutritional information, taste ratings, tags and more. It’s very easy to see if this is something you’re going to enjoy and whether you have all the ingredients on hand.

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Social Sharing On Yummly

It’s really easy to share and keep track of the recipes you love using Yummly. Log into Yummly using Facebook or Google credentials and you are ready to go. Logging in will also allow you to save your diet and allergy preferences, plus a few links to social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. You can also choose in settings whether to share your Yummly activities with Facebook or not.

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If you have chosen to share your activities with Facebook, share your favorite recipes with Facebook by simply clicking “Yum” on anything you like. Yummly will also keep track of all your “Yum’s” for later. You can also comment on recipes and share those comments with Facebook. Regular social sharing buttons are there too, so you can quickly Tweet, Like, Pin, Stumble or email the recipe.

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The “Yum’s” also act as a popularity indicator for the recipe. You can quickly see that a recipe with over 200 “Yum’s” is worth checking out in more detail.

Yummly Remembers What You Like

As long as you are logged in, Yummly can filter every search you do according to your taste preferences, which you can save in your settings. These settings are also easy to override if you change your mind and want to look for something else.


yummly recipe

Need More Recipes?

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What do you think of Yummly’s new social features? Will you be sharing your favorite recipes on Facebook?

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  1. Denise Browning@From Brazil To You
    March 29, 2013 at 11:22 pm

    I love yummly but I think it needs Brazilian recipes that I do not find here.

  2. Gregori Gualdron
    February 16, 2013 at 3:45 pm

    The search tool is so powerful!

  3. Mac Witty
    February 16, 2013 at 9:46 am

    Looks nice but do not work very well if you like click and tricks. You click on the image of something you find interesting, then you see a part of the recipe - to get the whole you have to click to the original page and it is open in a frame where it is hard to get the scroll list of the in-page, it is covered by Yummlys scroll list. Thanks, but no thanks