YouTube’s Editor Makes It Easy to Blur Out Parts of Your Videos
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YouTube has long had an automatic face-blurring feature How to Blur Faces on YouTube In One Easy Step How to Blur Faces on YouTube In One Easy Step YouTube makes it easy for you to blur faces and other items that need to preserve a certain level of anonymity. Read More  that made it easy to hide personal identities and keep people in your videos anonymous without any effort on your part. Now YouTube has gone one step further, allowing you to manually blur parts at will

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After uploading a video, just look inside the Enhancements menu, navigate to the Blurring Effects tab, and select the Custom Blurring option:

Now browse through your video to find where you want to start blurring, then use the blurring tool to select an area to blur. Once a selection is made, you can change how long the blur lasts in the timeline.

By default, YouTube tries to track the object so there’s no option to manually transition the blur’s position as the video progresses. However, if you don’t want the auto-tracking to happen, you can Lock the blur to keep it in one place.


If the YouTube editor isn’t good enough for you, then we encourage you to check out some of these online video editor alternatives The 5 Best Online Tools for Making Professional Videos The 5 Best Online Tools for Making Professional Videos There are lots of web-based video editors out there, sadly some aren't very good. Don't worry though, here's our list of the five best. Read More . We think YouTube’s is super easy to work with, but sometimes you do need a little more power.

What do you think of the new blurring feature? Will you use it a lot or is it too much of a gimmick? Share your thoughts with us below!

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