How To Use The New YouTube Video Editor

Matt Smith 03-07-2010

<firstimage=”//” />youtube video editorYouTube has had ways to editor your video for some time now, but it would probably be a stretch to call those features an actual video editor. They were more of a supplement, making it possible to add annotation and other notes to your video. If you needed to cut or change your video you had to use your own video editor, such as iMovie or Windows Movie Maker Make Quick & Professional Looking Videos with Windows Movie Maker (Part 1) Read More .

Now, that has changed. YouTube has released the first version of the YouTube Video Editor. This editor honestly doesn’t have a huge amount of functionality, but it does let you accomplish a few things which you couldn’t previously accomplish on YouTube.

Cropping Videos

Cropping a video is one of the most basic and most often used features of any video editing software. Chances are that if you’re looking to publish on YouTube, you aren’t aiming to reach Hollywood level quality. You just need to make sure that you edit out the parts of the video which make you look dumb.

To crop a video, the first thing you need to do is drag and drop the video you want to edit into the video editing section, which is represented by a video icon.

youtube video editor

Now you need to hover your cursor over the thumbnail of your video in the edit section. A scissor icon will appear over the thumbnail. Click on that, and you’ll open the edit view. In order to crop the clip, you need to click on either of the white bars to the left or right of the timeline, then drag the bar over. This will highlight part of your video clip’s timeline in white. The white part of the clip is what is being cropped out.

youtube video editor

Click on Save. This will save your edit in the YouTube video editor, but won’t save it to YouTube. To do that, you need to click on the Publish button in the upper right hand corner of the editor. Before you do that, though, be sure to give your edited video a name!

Splicing Videos

Splicing two videos together is extremely easy with the YouTube Video Editor. Just drag and drop the thumbnails of both videos into the edit section, then publish the video.

youtube editor

That is literally all you have to do. Just keep in mind that YouTube Video Length limits still apply. You may need to crop out part of a video and then place it into a seperate YouTube video.

Adding and Editing Audio

Adding audio has become a popular feature in YouTube. It makes it easy to add a sort of theme song to your video clips. This is very useful if you have a clip where the sound isn’t really applicable to what is happening on the video, or the sound is simply unintelligible. Better to have your viewers listening to music than a much of gobbly-gook, right?

The YouTube Video Editor includes an Audioswap library search function which lets you browse through the entire Audioswap library on YouTube. This can be accessed by opening the Audio tab of the YouTube Video Editor.

youtube editor

You browse by Genre and Artist or you can try and find your favorite artist by using the search function. Audioswap is still a fairly limited library, but there is usually an appropriate track available. Once you’ve found the track that you want to use you can choose it by either clicking the plus icon at the right or by dragging and dropping the track from the Audio tab to the audio edit section at the bottom of the YouTube Video Editor.

That’s It, For Now

These basic functions are all that the YouTube Video Editor can handle, at least for now. Their inclusion is very useful, as it helps chop up videos into sizes which are YouTube friendly and also makes the addition of audio quicker and easier. Hopefully the functionality of the YouTube Video Editor will only be expanded with time.

Have you used it? Any special features you’d like to share?

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