YouTube TrendsMap: See Popular Videos According To Geography & Age Demographics

MOin 12-05-2013

YouTube TrendsMap is a free to use web application that is brought to you by YouTube. The website provides you with a ‘heatmap’ of videos. Basically, what you get is a geographical map that places videos on places where they are popular.



As you can see in the image above, the videos are simply placed on the map. There is another window in the right pane of the web service where the videos are listed according to the city. The algorithm through which the popularity is determined by this web app depends on the number of YouTube views that a video gets along with the frequency of its shares online i.e. how many times and how frequently it is being shared on social media websites. Apart from the geographical mapping of the videos, the web app also provides you with video popularity according to age demographics. You are provided with age bars and videos are placed on those bars. A male and female demographics breakdown is also provided.


This simple web service can be used to effectively check out which videos and most popular amongst people of a certain gender, or a certain age group, and people who belong to a certain geographical location. Online researchers, marketers, and people who simply want to check out popular videos in their area will find YouTube TrendsMap to be a very useful website.


  • A user friendly web service.
  • Lets you see which videos are popular according to geography.
  • Lets you see which videos are popular amongst certain age groups.
  • Lets you see which videos are popular according to gender.

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