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YouTube Music Launches Personalized Playlists

Dave Parrack 18-12-2019

YouTube Music now offers personalized playlists, or, as it’s referring to them, personalized mixes. These playlists are designed to mirror your music tastes, providing a blend of songs you already know alongside new releases and undiscovered gems.


From Mixtapes to Personalized Playlists

Playlists were already established before streaming services became a thing. Everyone over a certain age will remember making a mixtape for a crush. However, because streaming services know exactly what music you listen to, mixtapes have evolved.

Spotify has turned playlists into an art form Discover New Music with Spotify's Automagic Playlists Spotify has recently released several new ways of generating unique playlists that will help you discover awesome new music. We're here to guide you through these automagic playlist makers. Read More , using people’s listening habits to deliver curated playlists pitched perfectly to individual users’ tastes. And now YouTube Music is getting in on the action with its own blend of personalized mixes.

YouTube Music Launches Personalized Mixes

YouTube launched its new personalized mixes on the Official YouTube Blog. The company explains that “these mixes will use your listening history to create a unique experience and guide your music exploration to exciting and fresh destinations week after week.”

The Discover Mix is a weekly playlist (that updates every Wednesday) comprising of 50 tracks. These will be a mix of songs by artists you’ve never listened to and deep cuts from artists you’re already familiar with. The idea being you’ll discover new music.


The New Release Mix does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s a playlist packed with new releases by your favorite artists and artists YouTube thinks you’ll enjoy. This playlist will update every Friday (to coincide with the day of the week most releases drop).

Your Mix is a playlist packed with songs you’re (almost) guaranteed to like. It will consist mostly of artists and songs you already listen to, but with some artists and songs you don’t know mixed in. YouTube Music will update this regularly.

All Streaming Services Are Copying Spotify

You should find these new personalized mixes on a shelf in the YouTube Music app for Android and iOS, as well as on youtube.music.com. They’re now available globally for all YouTube Music listeners, with YouTube promising more to come in the future.

Spotify deserves the credit for starting this trend of delivering personalized playlists. However, everyone else has since copied Spotify, with Apple Music Apple Music Replay Highlights Your Favorite Songs Apple Music Replay compiles your favorite songs into playlists and provides you with statistics based on your listening habits. Read More , Tidal Tidal Launches Curated "My Mix" Playlists Tidal has launched My Mix. These are curated playlists personalized for each user. So, Spotify's Daily Mix by another name. Read More , and Pandora Pandora Copies Spotify With Curated Playlists Pandora has launched The Drop, a curated playlist that automatically populates with new songs Pandora thinks you'll love. Read More all now offering curated playlists designed to mirror your music tastes.

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