YouTube Couch Mode: View YouTube Videos In Full Screen By Default & Control Playback With Your Smartphone
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If you have free time and an Internet connection, then few things beat killing time than streaming videos on YouTube. YouTube has countless hours of entertainment in the form of all kinds of different videos. While laptop owners might be able to simply lie down in bed and take their laptop with them to enjoy YouTube videos, computer owners with large displays are not able to do the same. They need a way to relax on their couch and still be able to control the playback of their YouTube videos as they view them in full screen.

Here to offer people exactly that is a browser and smartphone pairing application called YouTube Couch Mode.

watch youtube videos in fullscreen

YouTube Couch Mode is a free to use tool that helps pair your YouTube streaming experience with your smartphone. The app is offered for the Google Chrome web browser. Corresponding applications are offered for phone running iOS or the Android OS. After installing the browser extension and phone app, you can pair your browser and phone that should be connected on the same network.

Your YouTube videos will be set to play on full screen by default. Using your phone, you will be able to control the playback of videos and search for them. The app works for not only YouTube, but also for Grooveshark, Google Docs for viewing documents, and more websites.

youtube couch mode


Check out YouTube Couch Mode for Chrome @ [No Longer Available]

Check out the app for Android @ [No Longer Available]

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