YouRhere: Quickly Mark Webpages For Reading Later [Chrome]

abhijeet 22-02-2012

There are many read-it later services out there which let you save a webpage for reading later. But YouRhere seems to be the first of its kind which actually allows you to mark a specific line within the webpage so that you know where you left off reading that lengthy article when you return to it.


The process is pretty simple. After installing the extension and clicking on it, when you hover the mouse over the sentences on that page you’ll notice a small marker below the mouse pointer. Just click a line to mark it in yellow. All your read-it later pages can be accessed from the add-on icon in the Chrome extensions toolbar.

YouRhere: Quickly Mark Webpages For Reading Later [Chrome] yourhere1

You are only allowed to mark one line on a page (obviously, you can only leave reading the page at one particular line/sentence). To change the marked sentence to a different one on the same page, just click on the new sentence. It’ll remove the marking from the old one and assign it to the new sentence.


  • Customized read-it later bookmarking of websites.
  • Add-on for Google Chrome.

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