You Can Now Run Windows 98 in Any Browser Without Plug-Ins
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As our technological power grows, it’s fun to look back on the past and see how feats that we once saw as revolutionary are now primitive in comparison. Perhaps one of the easiest ways to see this is that you can now run entire operating systems inside your browser (we do so much in browsers nowadays).

A few weeks ago, we showed you where you can run Windows 95 in your browser with no extra software. Now it’s Windows 98’s turn; you can run it entirely on’s Windows 98 page. Feel free to check out Minesweeper, listen to those classic Windows sounds, or try to connect to dial-up just to relive the old days.

It’s amazing to think Windows 98 will be 20 years old in just a few years, but it’s incredible to be able to interact with history at your convenience like this. Whether you were around for the release of Windows 98 or missed it and just want to check out what Windows used to be, it’s worth clicking around for a few minutes.

If Windows isn’t your style, has several flavors of Linux you can test out in a browser, too.

Windows 98 isn’t the only one; check out more classic operating systems you can run in a browser!

What did you relive inside Windows 98? Let us know your favorite parts of the classic OS in the comments!

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