Yogile – A Cool Alternative To Flickr With Group Sharing Features

Nancy Messieh 30-08-2010

<firstimage=”//”>alternative to flickrYogile is a new photo sharing website, very similar to what Flickr offers, but with a great twist. I am a huge fan of Flickr, but now that I’ve seen Yogile, with a few tweaks here and there, I am seriously considering jumping ship to this alternative to Flickr.


Yogile sets itself apart from other photo-sharing websites by adding one feature that turns into the ultimate photo sharing choice – and that is the feature of collaboration – allowing more than one person to add photos to any given photo album.

And the best part is that you can choose exactly how you want to use the site.

Signing up for a free account on Yogile takes less than a minute, entering only your email, choosing your account password, and an optional password for your first photo album.

alternative to flickr

Once you are signed up, you can choose whether or not to list your albums publicly on Yogile. If you do so, anyone on Yogile can upload a photo to that album. The availability of this option has great potential to be used for crowdsourcing images of a specific event or theme.


Alternatively, you can choose not to list it publicly, but anyone who has the URL can add photos to the album. If you want the utmost privacy, you can choose not to list it publicly and password protect it so that no one can view or add photos unless they have the URL and password.

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Adding photos can be done in one of two ways. The easiest way is to upload the photos directly onto the site, and you don’t even have to be a registered member to do so. The drawback, when adding photos to a friend’s album, if you are not a registered member, is that they will be listed under an anonymous contributor. If you sign up, you have the added advantage of being able to take credit for the photos that you added.

flicker alternative


Alternatively, you can send the photos to the album-specific email and they will be added to the album. If the album is password protected, simply add the password to the body of the email. If you enter a subject in the email, it will be used as the title of the photo, otherwise the file name will be used. If an album is not password protected, you can use the subject to enter a title, and the body of the email to enter a caption.

As they suggest at Yogile, one of the ideal ways in which their service can be used is if a group of friends are attending an event, you can all add and view photos in the very same album. Like Flickr’s free accounts, you are limited to 100MB per month for your uploads, which really can go a very long way. If that isn’t enough, there is a paid upgrade for unlimited storage for $24.95 a year. You can keep track of your usage each time you upload a new photo.

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But that’s not to say it can’t be used in a hundred other ways. With its clean layout, you can use it simply to showcase your photographs, whether publicly or only with a select few. This is another way in which Yogile has one up on Flickr.


While you can post pictures privately on Flickr, and share them with specific people – they have to be registered members on Flickr. With Yogile, all you have to do is send them the link to the album, along with the password and they can view it without having to sign up for a thing.

There are three options for the album display. The album can be displayed with small thumbnails.

flicker alternative

With medium thumbnails.


Yogile - A Cool Alternative To Flickr With Group Sharing Features display2

Or with just one large image per page.

Yogile - A Cool Alternative To Flickr With Group Sharing Features display3

The only minuscule shortcoming is the fact that you cannot choose whether or not to allow people to upload photos to the album. That feature is, of course, their biggest selling point, but it wouldn’t be a terrible idea to have the option to switch it off, if you so choose.

When someone adds a photo to your album, you will receive an email notification. That is the default setting for your albums, but you can choose to switch notifications off.

alternative to flickr

There are, however, certain features in Flickr that are lacking in Yogile. You cannot view the images at a larger size, add other members as contacts to follow their work, add photos as favourites, and there are no groups.

Features that you can find in Yogile include the ability to share each of your photo albums, to view the photos as a slideshow, or you can even download the entire album at the click of a button, albeit at smaller sizes. Another interesting personal touch is the ability to choose your own customised URL for your album.

Would you consider leaving behind Flickr in favour of Yogile? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Aibek
    August 31, 2010 at 11:30 am

    A useful service indeed. I wonder why there are no such in-group sharing / management features on Flickr.