Yahoo News Activity Connects With Facebook [News]

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If you and your Facebook friends are active readers of Yahoo-posted news, Yahoo has recently developed a way for Facebook members to share links to news articles they read from within the Yahoo News site. Called Yahoo News Activity, the service was launched at the Facebook f8 conference held a few weeks ago in San Francisco.

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You can use the News Activity service by logging into your Yahoo account and visiting the Yahoo News page. From there you can log into your Facebook account and click, “Add to Timeline,” and your Facebook friends will appear in a facebar near the top of the Yahoo News page. When you place your mouse cursor over the avatar of your friends, you will be presented with a list of links for recent news articles they have read.

The assumption behind this feature is that your and your friends share similar interests and views, and thus they can be useful sources for helping you find relevant news content to read. According to, “Yahoo News says that 80% of its readers are already on Facebook and its news content is among the most shared on Facebook, so the integration makes sense.”
The Yahoo News Activity integration is powered by the data service, Mixer. Yahoo explained that Mixer is a “complex, and finally tuned caching scheme that sits on personalization algorithms, to automatically sort and refine the large data sets that flow across the Yahoo and Facebook platforms.” You of course have control in the built-in privacy settings for how you want to share content.

Source: Search Engine Journal

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  1. Ya-who?
    October 24, 2011 at 2:14 am

    Semi-off topic, but I really don't like how Yahoo! is pushing users to upgrade to its "new and improved" interface that allows for ("strongly encourages") linking your online activity to sites like Facebook and Twitter. I don't use Yahoo! updates (and I don't use social network sites); I only use their mail, and I sure don't want my email address being found by spammers (which FB is in everything but name).

    As of right now, when you login to Y! mail, you'll be presented with a page telling you to upgrade to the new Y! interface (the "2.0" version FWIW). It doesn't appear very easy to remain with or switch to the "classic" Y! setup, but it is still possible -- the only thing is, you have to click on a well-hidden link that takes you to a Y! Help page, which then bears a link taking you to the Y! classic mail. It appears this is the way you'll have to get to Y! classic, because the regular login takes you automatically to the Please Upgrade page, with the opt-out link not easily or immediately located. As a Y! customer since its earliest inception at the dawn of the WWW era, I am sincerely dismayed by this, but eventually, I'm sure Y! will switch all its users to the new interface, at which point I'll either switch to something else or use Thunderbird exclusively (if not go 100% "postal" and dispense with the email address I've had since 1994).

    Yahoo! and Google are not making it easy at all for users to opt out of their upgrades, which, despite the seeming prevalence of social media's popularity, not everyone wants to undertake. For a while I was automatically (without user permission!) "opted-in" to the Y! Beta Mail, which I found slowed my computer down because it was trying to load things like chat/Y! Messenger and the ubiquitous social-media links, which I do not have, and prompting me incessantly to link my (nonexistent) FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. accounts and be part of the "new" Yahoo!. Y! and Google's new interfaces remind me of New Coke and Crystal Pepsi back in the day, and considering my dislike of the TMI culture social media has enforced upon so many of us, I hope users take to them in much the same way. :-)

    • Aibek
      October 27, 2011 at 12:14 pm

      thanks for the input, valid point indeed. I would hate to be forced to a new interface after using one for several years.

      p.s. try Thunderbird ;)

  2. Earl
    October 17, 2011 at 3:06 pm

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