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Xbox One Leaks, iPhone 6 Rumors, YouTube Haters [Tech News Digest]

Dave Parrack 11-11-2013

Today in Tech News Digest, an Xbox One escapes into the wild two weeks early, Intel acquires education startup Kno, Digg Video has arrived to waste your time, Prefundia leaves beta, Wikimedia launches Beta Features, new larger, curvier iPhones could be next for Apple, and Jawed Karim, co-founder of YouTube, launches a sweary attack on the new Google+ commenting system.

Xbox One Spotted In The Wild

The Xbox One is due to be released on Nov. 22 in most territories. And yet due to a monumental mess-up by someone at U.S. retailer Target, several lucky customers got their hands on the new Microsoft console two weeks earlier than expected. One ended up on eBay before the listing was pulled, but another was sent to a guy calling himself Moonlight Swami who has spent the last few days detailing what to expect when the Xbox One actually launches.

The first thing Moonlight Swami did was post the Xbox One unboxing video embedded above to YouTube. He then changed his Twitter to #1 Source 4 XBOX ONE to make the most of his new-found online infamy as the thorn in Microsoft’s side. The information has been coming thick and fast ever since, but unfortunately Microsoft has now banned Moonlight Swami from connecting to Xbox Live. Still, this is another embarrassing twist in the saga of the Xbox One PS4 vs Xbox One: 5 Reasons To Buy The Xbox One This year's E3 felt almost like it was over before it began. Though the conference lasts for days, both Microsoft and Sony made their announcements before the doors opened, showing not just hardware but also... Read More PlayStation 4, anyone PS4 vs Xbox One: 5 Reasons To Buy The PS4 E3 2013 marked the moment when the next-generation truly began, with all three contenders -- the PlayStation 4 (PS4), Xbox One, and Wii U -- revealed in full. The Wii U is already on the... Read More ?

Intel Says Yes To Kno

Xbox One Leaks, iPhone 6 Rumors, YouTube Haters [Tech News Digest] kno website

Intel has acquired education startup Kno for an as-yet-undisclosed sum of money. Kno began life making tablets aimed at the academic market, but it soon switched to being a software company instead, with apps for most platforms. Kno offers digitized versions of textbooks for the purposes of learning, and Intel looks set to use the platform to push for a greater piece of the education market. Not the most exciting news, perhaps, but remember, the children are our future. At least according to Whitney Houston.

Digg Video: Productivity Killer

Xbox One Leaks, iPhone 6 Rumors, YouTube Haters [Tech News Digest] digg video amalgam 2

As the incredible success of YouTube attests, videos are a rather popular medium on the Internetz. The problem is often sorting the wheat from the chaff, finding the clips actually worth watching in amongst countless mediocre clips of cats being weird. Which is where Digg Video, the latest section to be added to the all new Digg Discover The Best Of The Web With The New Digg v1 Digg was such a huge hit that content creators actively tried to get their material linked to on the site in order to experience the huge increase in traffic, known as the Digg effect, that... Read More , comes in. Work? That’s for losers. Watching videos is where it’s at.

Prefundia Opens To Public

Crowdfunding can be the perfect way for amateur inventors, developers, or creatives to raise money for a project. However, it’s crucial to get it right first time when launching a campaign on Kickstarter or other crowdfunding websites, as Chris Pirillo, who runs one of the essential technology channels on YouTube 10 Technology YouTube Channels You Can't Miss Read More , explains in the video embedded above.

Prefundia is a platform designed to help crowdfunding campaigners build momentum before they even launch. After being in beta for three months it has now opened to the public. For now it’s free to list projects on Prefundia, but monetization is due to begin in 2014. So if you have a dream that just needs funding to be realized, perhaps now would be a good time to see if anyone is interested in helping out with cold, hard cash.

Wikimedia Beta Features

Xbox One Leaks, iPhone 6 Rumors, YouTube Haters [Tech News Digest] wikimedia beta features 2

Wikimedia has opened up its Beta Features program Try Out Beta Features On Wikimedia And Preview What’s New Before Anyone Else Wikimedia’s Beta Features program will allow anyone to try out the upcoming new features on Wikimedia and its wikis. Join in and help make Wikimedia a better experience for all of us. Read More for interested parties to test new features coming to sites such as Wikipedia. Beta Features already available include a media viewer, a visual editor, and a typography refresh designed to make text more readable. MakeUseOf readers are exactly the type of people who the Wikimedia Foundation will want testing the new features, as you’re all intelligent enough to give invaluable feedback. Well, perhaps not all. Most. Some.

Larger, Curvier iPhones On Way [Rumor]

Bloomberg is reporting that 2014 will see two new iPhones released, both of which will be larger than any iPhone seen previously, and both of which will feature curved displays. A “person familiar with the plans” suggests one will have a 4.7-inch screen, and the other a 5.5-inch screen. Presumably one of these will be the iPhone 6, and the other the equivalent of this year’s iPhone 5c iPhone 5c Review And Giveaway At this year's iPhone event, Apple announced not one, but two new iPhones, a first for the company. We are giving away an unlocked 16 GB green iPhone 5c to one lucky winner. Read More , but these are just rumors for the time being, so feel free to speculate to your heart’s content. After all, that is exactly what Bloomberg is doing here.

People’s reactions to this extremely early rumor about Apple’s plans for next year have varied wildly, with the three tweets embedded above showing the full range.

Jawed Karim Hates New YouTube

Xbox One Leaks, iPhone 6 Rumors, YouTube Haters [Tech News Digest] jawed karim youtube comment

YouTube recently updated its commenting system Ballmer's Successor, YouTube Comments, Facebook Likes, TARDIS Truth [Tech News Digest] Microsoft edges closer to naming CEO, a computer-generated girl tempts predators, Apple forces Apple stock to shut down, YouTube comments lose their edge, and Doctor Who's TARDIS is shown to be theoretically possible. Read More , integrating Google+ in such a way that the site should be rid of most of the spamming, trolling, and bullying that made the comments section under each video somewhere only the bravest of souls could stand to hang out. Not everyone sees this change as a positive move, and the complaints are coming in thick and fast.

However, one person no one expected to complain about the new commenting system was Jawed Karim. “Who’s he?” I hear you ask. Only the co-founder of YouTube and, more importantly, the uploader of the first video on the site. After being completely absent since that fateful day in 2005 he popped up to ask, “Why the f*** do I need a Google+ account to comment on a video?

Karim made $65 million when Google acquired YouTube for $1.65 billion in 2006. Which is surely a big clue as to how this change occurred seven years later.

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