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This guide is available to download as a free PDF. Download XBMC Tips & Tricks now. Feel free to copy and share this with your friends and family.

XBMC is an incredibly powerful tool for enjoying your media. It takes a little getting used to, and our handy cheat sheet will help you get moving in the right direction.

XBMC is a full-features media center program that works on all kinds of platforms, and it’s free! If you enjoy this cheat sheet, share it with your friends and let them enjoy the XBMC love as well!

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Please find the contents of the cheat sheet below.


  • Play->P
  • Pause->Space
  • Queue->Q
  • Stop->X
  • Fast Forward->F
  • Rewind-R
  • Skip Forward->. (period)
  • Skip Backward->, (comma)
  • Full Screen->Tab
  • Volume Up->+ (plus)
  • Volume Down->- (minus)
  • Toggle Windowed Mode->\
  • Player Controls->M
  • Shutdown Menu-S
  • Context Menu->C
  • ShutDown XBMC->End


  • Quit->Command+Q
  • Hide->Command+H
  • Minimize->Command+M
  • Toggle Fullscreen->Command+F
  • Take a Screenshot->Command+S

Slideshow Controls

  • Zoom 100%->0 (null)
  • Zoom level 1..9->1..9
  • Rotate->R
  • Info->T
  • Next picture->.(period)
  • Previous picture->,(comma)

Recommended Add-Ons

  • IceFilms– Lets you find all kinds of HD content, from movies to music shows and documentaries. Turns your XBMC into a free on-demand media-center.Stream and download to your library pure .avi scene releases, in DVD and HD720p quality.
  • NaviLets you browse thousands of TV shows, movies and podcasts from one interface, and keep track of your favorites. Brings a variety of content from users around the web to a single interface you can easily browse from your remote.
  • 1channelGives you the ability to watch pretty much any movie or television show ever made, from a multitude of high quality sources.

Installation: Click “Get add-ons”, Click into the repository you want to install from, Scroll down to Video Add-ons, Click add-on you want, click install.

You may also download this cheat sheet in PDF format as seen in the image above.

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