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moin 03-11-2009

The internet is home to countless images. Browsing through them and selecting the one that will go up on your desktop’s background is great, but what about creating your own cool artsy wallpapers?


No, it doesn’t require a professional’s know-how. Just log on to X3 Studios’ Website for creating wallpapers.

cool artsy wallpapers

The website begins with a wonderful little introductory animation which describes the theme of the website. Then you’re presented with the  simple wallpaper browser. The black arrows to the left and right let you move on to the next or previous wallpaper. Currently more than 700 amazing designed wallpapers are up, and you can browse them for as long you want.

The toolbar below offers further functionality. Here’s what you get after you click on the button to the far right, “˜Show’:

artsy wallpapers


You can browse wallpapers through the thumbnails. One way to sort them is to arrange according to date of addition to the website. Users can rate the wallpapers present on the site; you can take advantage of this and have the wallpapers sorted by their rating.

If you want to copy the link to particular wallpapers, the far right button on the lower menu allows you to do so.

And when you finally find a wallpaper worth putting up as your own, click on “˜Download’ to be shown this:

cool artsy wallpapers


Thus not only do you get a cool artsy wallpaper, but you get it to fit your screen resolution perfectly! (The file format in which the wallpaper is downloaded is JPG.)

Now to the main feature of X3 Studios’ wallpaper creating website: creating your own wallpapers!

Step 1 is to click on the “Create Your Own Wallpaper” tab in the toolbar that is at the bottom of the page. Step 2 is to choose a background to get started with. Then, the website displays a short summary of the tools you’ll need to learn in order to take full advantage of the wallpaper creating platform:

cool wallpapers


Just click on OK and jump right into the wallpaper creating process! Use the user-friendly panel which, even though is simple to use and learn, offers an array of amazing tools to make your result look like the work of a professional! X3 Studios website is a great way to make wallpapers as well as obtaining new ones.

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