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17 Handy iOS Apps For Planning Your Perfect Christmas

Dave LeClair 12-12-2013

It’s an exciting time of the year filled with family, friends, gifts, delicious food, and joyous activities; plus it’s right around the corner!


As great as Christmas time is, can it be made better with the help of your iOS device? After all, a successful Christmas requires a lot of planning, and if there’s one thing an iPhone or iPad is good for (besides playing games) it’s keeping you organized. The answer is, of course, yes, and we are here to show you the way.


Need presents? Don’t worry, your iPhone can do that, as there’s a ton of shopping applications available on the App Store to help make your shopping experience calm and convenient.

Amazon (Free)


When you think of online shopping, Amazon is probably one of the first sites that come to mind. The Amazon iOS app makes shopping quick and easy, with one click purchases and access to wish lists, you could conceivably get all of your shopping done with this one app.

eBay (Free)

Maybe the person on your list is looking for something a little less conventional. Maybe you know a video game collector Video Game Collector's Editions That Actually Held Value [MUO Gaming] One of the biggest money makers for video game companies is collector's editions. Generally, companies include a junky art book, a soundtrack, and some form of cheap plastic that no one really wants. The price... Read More or someone who is deep into the world of music on vinyl. Well in this case, eBay is your friend, as you can shop all of the auctions right on your iPhone. If you can’t find it on eBay, you probably can’t find it online.


Etsy (Free)


Does the person on your list seem like they would be into something custom, but you lack the skills to make it yourself? Turn to Etsy and its massive community of creative individuals. The app lets you shop on the go, and that can save you some valuable time. For more on Etsy, check out our complete review.

Need more? We’ve got an iOS shopping guide featuring 10 of the best shopping apps on iOS, The Top 10 Free Shopping Applications For iOS Devices Read More so check it out.

List Planning

Regardless of whether you’ll be doing online shopping or fighting among the crowds, how do you keep track of who wants what? The answer is simple: download these apps to your device and never get anyone the wrong gift again.


No More Socks (Free)


Personally, I don’t mind getting socks for Christmas, as I always seem to have a shortage, but that’s neither here nor there. If you want to keep track of Christmas presents and all the other holidays for which you need to buy gifts, this app is great. Check out our full review for a detailed breakdown of everything it has to offer No More Socks Makes Your Holiday Shopping Easy [iOS, Free For A Limited Time] No More Socks: The Christmas List Genius is the perfect app for keeping track of your holiday shopping. Even though it's called The Christmas List Genius, don't let that deceive you, because it can be... Read More .

Toast [No Longer Available]

How about making sure that not only are you ready to buy some good presents for your friends, but that you also get some gifts that actually interest you. That’s where Toast comes into play, as it allows you to create a wishlist and share it with your friends and loved ones quickly and easily.


Food is always an important part of the holidays. In fact, you could argue that it’s even more important than presents. Sure, getting together with your family is awesome, but getting together and eating some incredible food is even better. Once again, your iPhone is a bag of tricks when it comes to festive food.


BigOven (Free)


This is one of the most popular grocery shopping and cooking apps on the App Store, and with good reason. The catalog of recipes is absolutely massive, with the creators touting “over 250,000” included recipes. If you can’t find the dish you want to make in there, then you have a taste for some seriously obscure food.

Cooking (Free)

So you have some recipes, and that’s great, but what if you actually don’t know how to cook? Don’t worry, the aptly named Cooking will guide you through many of the important things you need to know to actually learn cooking techniques, like how to make substitutions in recipes and so much more. For more like this, check out our article about iOS apps that actually teach you to cook Not Just Recipes: 4 iPad Apps That Teach You To Cook [iOS] Owning an iPad has changed the way I cook and bake in my kitchen. I can now load everything on my iPad, place it in the closest spot where it still wouldn't get dirty, and... Read More .

Yelp (Free)



Maybe you and your family would rather forget about cooking, or maybe you were handed the role of making Christmas dinner and you messed it up. Don’t worry, just jump on Yelp and find the perfect restaurant at which you and your family can enjoy a delicious Christmas meal.


Christmas is all about fun and joy, so why not use your iOS device to make things even better!

Board Games


Maybe you don’t have access to a ton of physical board games to play with your family during the big Christmas gathering. Fear not, just pull out your iPad to play games like Monopoly, Carcassonne, Scrabble, Agricola, Ticket To Ride, and so many others The Top 5 iPad Designer Board Games You Can Gift This Christmas Giving apps as gifts can be great little stocking fillers for your loved ones, and if you know someone who loves both boardgames and their iPad, then I have the perfect list for you right... Read More .


You’re going to want some music for your Christmas festivities, and whether than pick a single app, I will just remind you to try out some of the best on the App Store. You can go with Spotify, Pandora, or any of the many choices out there, while US listeners can tune in to iTunes Radio for free Getting to Know iTunes 11.1: From Radio Stations to Genius Shuffle Along with the release of iOS 7, Apple has also updated iTunes with several new features including iTunes Radio, Genius Shuffle, Podcast Stations, and a few changes to managing iOS devices. Read More . Each service has plenty of Christmas music for you to enjoy, so make sure your Christmas party isn’t a dud and bring forth the festive funk!

Ultimate Yule Log ($0.99)


First, we had actual fireplaces. Then we had the fireplace video looping away on a TV. Why not take it one step further with Ultimate Yule Log app for your iOS device. If you want the open fire ambiance with none of the fire hazards, this app can add a little warm glow to your Christmas celebration.


With the help of these iOS apps, you can hopefully guarantee a successful Christmas. Whether it’s gift shopping, planning what to buy, having a delicious meal, or quality entertainment, these apps do it all.

What iOS apps have helped you make the most of your Christmas festivities? Hit the comments section below and let your voice be heard!

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