How to Wrap Headphone Cables So They Don’t Break

Joel Lee 29-12-2016

Are you tired of your headphones always breaking Here's Why Your Headphones Keep Breaking (And What You Can Do) How long do your headphones last? If they're breaking too quickly, here's why and what you can do to prolong their lifespan. Read More ? Truth is, most people don’t take good enough care of their headphones, which often leads to them malfunctioning much earlier than they should.


The most common mistake, however, is not wrapping up the cable in the right way when the headphones aren’t in use. Cable wires are the most susceptible component to breakage, and incorrect storage methods can fray them internally.

Here’s What NOT to Do

This method seems clever at first, but there are way too many tension points, especially at the end when the cable is pulled into a tight knot. This is a surefire way to crimp the internal wiring and cause fraying.

Here’s What You SHOULD Do Instead

The video is for music equipment cables but the principles apply to any kind of cabling you might have What Are the Different Computer Cable Types You Need to Know? Not sure what that cord is for? Here are the most common computer cable types explained, from monitor cables to network cables. Read More . This method is best because it minimizes the amount of tension throughout the cable and minimizes the risk of it getting tangled.

It may not be as convenient as a tied-off knot, but trust me, you’ll thank yourself when it’s been several years and your headphones are still going strong. You can always try to fix a broken headphone cable How to Fix Broken Headphones Despite having a reasonable pair of Sennheisers and looking after them, my headphones broke recently — like they always do. Rather than replace them, I decided to repair my headphones. Here's how. Read More , but usually the effort isn’t worth it.

How do you store your headphones when not in use? Do yours break often? Got any other tips and tricks to help prolong headphone lifespan? Share with us in the comments below!


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  1. Henry Lahore
    December 29, 2016 at 11:58 am

    Instead, I have had great success with just using self-adhering tape to hold the cords to the headphones and to the jack. This stress reduction has increased the lifetime of my headphones and laptop recharger cable, etc, etc, by at least a factor of 5. I have been doing this for about 15 years