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At CES, the WOWCube Brings the Rubik’s Cube Into the 21st Century

Ben Stegner 09-01-2020

Everyone knows about the classic Rubik’s Cube. But what if this decades-old puzzle was updated for modern times? It would look something like the WOWCube, which we took a look at during CES 2020.


The WOWCube is a six-sided device that contains four small screens on each side, for a total of 24 displays. Though it looks and feels like a Rubik’s Cube, the device is capable of so much more. It comes pre-loaded with games that take advantage of the unique setup.

For example, we were shown a game where you had to roll a ball from a starting point to the objective by turning the device in your hands. To complete it, you also need to twist the cube to access different screens so that the ball can roll to safety. This keeps your hands and mind both engaged and challenges you to think about 3D space.


This device is primarily aimed at children. The team explained to us that they wanted to create an alternative to smartphone games, which require you to hold the phone close to your face. The games on the WOWCube combine the fun of electronic titles with the practical benefits of physically turning the cube and focusing on different points with your eyes.

What’s more, the WOWCube isn’t just for games. While it’s charging or stationary, it can also display different information on its screens, such as weather or stock data. For children, the device can even act as a smart night light. This makes it a handy device to have around, even when it’s just sitting on your desk.


In addition to the bundled content, the WOWCube offers an open SDK and app store. This allows developers to create games for the device, which anyone can download to expand their options with it.


Our time with the device included a few hiccups, including having to reboot some of the games. I also accidentally removed one of the mini-cubes while playing—after doing so, I was told that the cubes are modular. Thus, you can remove one of them without affecting any of the others.

Despite a few minor bumps, we think that the WOWCube has a lot of potential as a new platform. It’s expected to release later in 2020 at a cost of $249.

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