World Of Goo Comes To Android, Discounted Until December 5th [News]

Matt Smith 29-11-2011

World Of Goo Comes To Android, Discounted Until December 5th [News] worldofgooandroidthumbIt seems that World Of Goo will never die. The popular indie physics puzzler game 3 PC Games Like Angry Birds That You Can Play Offline Like any popular game, Angry Birds has spawned clones. These games are often flash-based, and though most aren’t up to par with Angry Birds, they’re a nice diversion for someone who has slaughtered their fill... Read More , which was released on the PC all the way back in 2008 before coming to the Wii and iOS, is now available on the Android Market 2 Alternative Online Marketplaces for Android Apps The Google Play Store is now a media behemoth, but that doesn't mean alternative marketplaces aren't available or worthwhile. Here are two that you should definitely check out. Read More .


The basic gameplay concepts remain the same. Your task in each level is to complete a goal by building structures using, well, goo. Physics becomes the main opponent, as you’ll have to deal not only with gravity but also wind, fire, moving environments and more.

World Of Goo Comes To Android, Discounted Until December 5th [News] worldofgoo

Of course, the Android version is optimized for touch input The 3 Steps To Setting Up Your Android Tablet's Touchscreen Keyboard Over a year after the initial launch of the iPad, we are finally seeing some decent tablet alternatives on the market. Recent legal quarrels between Apple and Samsung indicate that competition will be fierce. Obviously,... Read More , but otherwise there are no new or special features. No features have been taken away, either, which means that online leaderboards and all of the original game’s levels are available.

In celebration of the release, developer 2D Boy is discounting the game to $2.99 until December 5th. After that, the price goes up to $4.99, which remains an awesome value. Every version of the game released so far has received a game-of-the-year award, and the PC version of the game is still $20.

If you’re still skeptical, or you’re concerned your device won’t run the game, there’s a free demo [No Longer Available]. Both the demo and the full game require a device running Android 2.2 or newer.


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