WorkSnug: Look for Workspaces With Wi-Fi to Work in Peace
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Coffee shops with Wi-Fi might let you connect to the Internet but the noise at these places often does not let you work in peace. To find a suitable working environment you need a quiet workspace with Wi-Fi access. WorkSnug helps you find such workspaces.


WorkSnug is a simple to use web service that also has an iOS application. The app lets you search for suitable workspaces with Wi-Fi. You can look for these workspaces by typing in a zip code or the name of a city/region. The nearest workspaces are indicated on a map. You click on the virtual pins to view the name of the workspace. These workspaces include nearby libraries and other communal spaces in addition to coffee shops with Wi-Fi.


The workspaces that you see can be sorted by proximity, comments, rating, and other factors. You can add your own workspace too, if you find it missing on the map.

WorkSnug: Look for Workspaces With Wi-Fi to Work in Peace work snug2


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