Workflowy: Simple organizational tool to create & store lists online

MOin 10-11-2010

Today numerous online services are offering list creation features. They let you create lists and access them remotely through any computer. Usually however these sites overcomplicate the interface with features or provide only a few basic features; the user is inconvenienced in both cases. Workflowy is a simple organizational tool that presents the perfect blend of functionality and features when it comes to online list creation.


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Workflowy is a free and simple to use online service which lets you create lists. Lists can be created just like in Notepad or any other simple text editing software. You can create individual lists or make subentries into a list’s entry; the subentries are indented to clearly differentiate them from the main entries. Anytime you can rearrange your list items for better organization. A strikethrough feature is also provide and is highly useful in crossing out completed tasks.

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