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Tim Lenahan 30-07-2010

<firstimage=”//”>wordpress twitter postIf you’ve ever used WordPress and you are a Twitter user, you probably already knew that there are WordPress plugins that allow for automatic tweeting of new blog posts. They’re really handy because they offer a hands-off ability to enable you to not worry about publicizing your articles.


That’s all fine and good, but what if there was a plugin that did more? Take a look at WordTwit and you’ll see how the integration of many different options and tools can make your blog’s connection to Twitter that much more productive.

With WordTwit installed whenever you publish new content from WordPress, Twitter will automatically be updated with a brief description of your new content along with a link back to it, bringing additional traffic and visitors to your website.

Installing the plugin is as easy as any other plugin in the WordPress dashboard. Just search for WordTwit and make sure it is the one created by BraveNewCode. Setting it up is easy also. Under the Settings section look for WordTwit.

Choose A URL Shortening Service

WordTwit - Slick WordPress Plugin For Twitter Integration wordtwit URL

One cool feature of WordTwit is the ability to choose what URL shortening service you wish to use.  This allows you the blogger to choose the same service you have been using.  As for me, I love using HootSuite and the Ow.Ly shortening service so I am glad WordTwit offers this.


Sign In & Authorize The Use Of Your Twitter Account

wordpress twitter post

This is a common occurrence with programs that interact with Twitter.  All you have to do is click the “Sign in with Twitter” button and authorize it.  I noticed that upon doing this, the URL shortening service box went back to the default so make sure, once again, you choose the service that you want.

Edit The Text Of The Tweet To Be Tweeted

WordTwit - Slick WordPress Plugin For Twitter Integration wordtwit message

Another cool feature that WordTwit offers is the ability to change the text of the tweet to be sent out.  You can put whatever you want and use [title] where you want the title to appear and [link] where you want the link to appear.


Modify The Options For Tags & Categories

WordTwit - Slick WordPress Plugin For Twitter Integration wordtwit tagcat

With WordTwit you can actually choose which categories and tags you want to include or exclude.  Enter the categories and tags separated by commas and decide whether you want to include them or exclude them.  Of course you can also choose to leave this option blank to have all posts tweeted about.

There Are Also Advanced Options

There are a few advanced options that you may or may not choose to make use of.  First, there is the option to include tags for UTM (look it up) for the purposes of statistics tracking.  Also, there is an option for enabling the Tweet Queue for failed tweets (still experimental).

Overall, WordTwit is a simple to use yet flexible plugin allowing the blogger to use Twitter effortlessly with his blog.


wordpress twitter post

Remember that as a member of the Twitter community, if all you do is post links to your blog posts that you probably won’t build much of a following.  There are more sources out there that can help you learn how to use Twitter properly.  You wouldn’t want to be annoying, would you?

What tools or plugins do you recommend for integrating a blog with Twitter?

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