Word Filter for Google Chrome: Set Word Replacement Rules For Sites You Browse

MOin 19-04-2013

Are you worried about your children reading ‘bad’ words while surfing the Internet? If yes, then you can simply have those ‘bad’ words replaced with anything you like using a tool called “Word Filter”.


word filter google chrome

Word Filter is a free to use tool that comes as an extension for the Google Chrome The Easy Guide to Google Chrome This Chrome user guide shows everything you need to know about the Google Chrome browser. It covers the basics of using Google Chrome that is important for any beginner. Read More web browser. As the extension’s name suggests, it is used to filter out words from the websites that you browse. You can have any word or phrase replaced with your predefined word or phrase. The replacement takes place instantaneously when a webpage is loaded up.

Using the extension is very easy. You start by installing the application and entering its options. Here, you can type in the word you want to replace and then the word you want it replaced with. To add this typed entry, simply click on the Submit button. You will be able to view all the added entries in the extension’s options.

We tried the extension out on the MakeUseOf website. We set the word ‘Download’ to be replaced by ‘CatMouse’. In this simple way, users will be able to replace words they do not like by words they do like. People can have ‘lulz’ replaced by ‘LOL’, for example. Another use of the application can be to replace ‘bad’ words with harmless words to make Internet surfing for their children a safer experience.

Word Filter for Google Chrome: Set Word Replacement Rules For Sites You Browse word filter1



Check out “Word Filter” for Google Chrome @ [No Longer Available]

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