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Withings Move and Move ECG: Affordable Apple Watch Contenders?

Kannon Yamada 10-01-2019

Withings’ new fitness product line includes two smartwatches (in addition to a highly advanced heart-health sensor Withings BPM Core: Smart Heart Health Management? The Withings BMP Core is a smart blood pressure monitor that includes a whole suite of sensors to manage your heart's health. Read More ): the $130 Withings Move ECG and the $70 Move.


Withings Move ECG Fitness Smartwatch

The Withings Move ECG brings electrocardiogram (ECG) heart-rate sensor technology, the industry leader in accuracy, to a wrist-watch form factor for $130. While a number of less expensive ECG smartwatches already exist, none come from reputable designers like Withings. And of the smartwatches that do continuous heart-rate monitoring, none get anywhere near the 12-months of estimated battery life offered by the Move ECG.

Already, reviewers have drawn connections between the Apple Watch’s (Series 4) 2-day battery life and the Withings Move’s year-long battery life. But that’s a cheap shot; the Apple Watch comes with a vast portfolio of applications.

Withings Move ECG customizable watch

Like most application-capable smartwatches, the Apple Watch is a jack-of-all-trades and a master of none. The Move ECG comes with no applications abilities. It is a basic watch outside of its activity and ECG sensors.

Withings Move watch


Even so, the Move ECG’s stylish, playful exterior, outstanding sensor package, and ridiculously long battery life make it a winner for those concerned first and foremost about heart health.

Withings Move Smartwatch

Withings also produces a basic and less-expensive version of its Move ECG smartwatch: the Move. The Move costs $70 and is more or less identical to the Move ECG, with the exception that it omits an ECG sensor package. It still includes an activity sensor (likely a 3-axis accelerometer) and a similarly long battery life.

Withings Move watch

Both watches come with Withings’ software ecosystem, provided you can install the app on an Android or iOS device. Using the app allows users to track the standard health metrics, such as steps and sleep quality (technically movement during sleep) using the three-axis accelerometer.

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