WindowShopper: A Website That Brings Window Shopping To Your Computer

MOin 24-04-2013

Window shopping is something that all of us do. It is quite a fun process. We go around shops, quickly look at things, and see if anything grabs our attention. In the chance that we find something interesting or useful, we buy it; otherwise, we keep moving forward. Such a convenient window shopping technique is not present on online stores.


Mostly you find yourself searching through predefined items and clicking and typing more than necessary for window shopping. Here to offer you a true window shopping experience on your computer is a website called WindowShopper.

window shopping on computer

WindowShopper is a free to use website that is going to be a treat for online shoppers. The website focuses on window shopping and making it a reality for online buyers. Using the website, you can use keyboard shortcuts to browse between products. You start by selecting your gender. After that is done, you can continue moving through clothing items and more to see if anything interests you.

If you want to get something, simply click on the image and then click on the link that appears under the image. The site also offers a few features to make things easier. These features include setting a budget and a lot more such as a custom query or a specific clothing type.




Check out WindowShopper @ [No Longer Available]

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