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12 Free Windows Store Platform Games to Jump For

Sandy Writtenhouse 02-08-2017

The platforming genre holds some of the most esteemed games of all time Top 20 Platformer Games Of All Time With thousands of video games, where do you start when you want to play the best? Here's our definitive guide on the best 20 platformers of all time. Read More . But even if you aren’t playing a masterpiece, they’re still a ton of fun to play. When you need a break from your day and want to run and jump as a silly character and avoid danger while collecting objects, these free Windows Store games have you covered. Plus, you can even take them offline How to Play Windows Store Games Offline and Without a Connection Love to play games from the Windows Store? Here's how you can take them offline and play them even without an internet connection. Read More if you like.


Control a Kooky Character

Like platformers that feature a wild protagonist 4 Failed Video Game Mascots You've Probably Never Heard Of Everyone knows about Mario and Sonic, but there have been plenty of weird mascots that didn't catch on. Let's talk about a few and see why they failed. Read More ? These games are for you.

1. Dave in Danger

Based on the original Dangerous Dave game from 1988, Dave in Danger takes you on a pixelated adventure in search of a key. Collect valuable gems, jump over gaps of burning liquid, and grab the shiny key. Then, head to the door to the next level before you run out of your five lives.

With funky music and old-school graphics, you’ll enjoy some retro fun with Dave in Danger.

dave in danger windows app

2. Jack N’ Jill

Reunite this well-known couple in a grayscale world of obstacles in Jack N’ Jill. You move Jack with one-button controls as he searches for Jill. Once you get him started, he will continue to run and you must make him jump over obstacles and avoid enemies. Find your true love, and you can move onto the next level.


With seven worlds and 140 levels in all, Jack N’ Jill is great for all ages 5 Children's Video Games That You'll Enjoy Too Just like you enjoy that animated movie as much as the kids it was made for, the world of video games has some great titles that appeal across ages. Read More .

jack n jill windows app

3. Jack N’ Jill 3D

If you enjoy the Jack N’ Jill game, but want to check it out in a colorful dimension, try Jack N’ Jill 3D. The controls are the same with a one-button click to control Jack’s turns and jumps. Follow the arrows to find Jill, collect coins along your way, and watch out for pits and enemies.

For a charming story across 60 levels, Jack N’ Jill 3D is a cute and colorful platformer.


jack n jill 3d

4. Greedy Rabbit

Rabbits love carrots — and in the first world of Greedy Rabbit, they’re what you seek. Collect those delicious veggies, pick up stars, and hippity-hop to the portal to reach the next level. You then move onto bigger vegetable worlds from cabbage to tomatoes.

Each world has 15 challenging levels and Greedy Rabbit a neat and upbeat game.

greedy rabbit windows app


Run Through a Wild World

A platformer without awesome levels isn’t much at all. In these games, the exotic locations take center stage.

5. Lep’s World

Lep’s World is the first in a series and tons of fun. You are a leprechaun in search of gold in a colorful world full of coins and enemies. In Super Mario Bros.-style gameplay, you collect coins, jump on and off platforms, and make your way to the rainbow. You can crush enemies by pouncing on them or take them out with acorns that you gather on your path. The game has six different worlds, 112 levels, and nine types of enemies to conquer.

If you are a fan of 2D, side-scrolling platformers, then Lep’s World is the game for you.

leps world windows app


6. Croc’s World 3

If you would rather be a crocodile than a leprechaun, jump over to Croc’s World 3. You can play as Croc the crocodile or Roodie the kangaroo in this two-themed adventure. Run, jump, swim, and make your way to the goal. But be sure to pick up diamonds to get an extra life along with other items to help you defeat enemies and overcome obstacles in your path.

With 60 enjoyable levels, tons of dangerous enemies, and four different big bosses to defeat, Croc’s World 3 is a nifty adventure.

crocs world 3 windows app

7. Jump Kong Hero Craft World

When you aren’t in the mood for leprechauns and crocodiles, be a monkey instead in Jump Kong Hero Craft World. With five worlds, you’ll make your way over the mountains and through the sky with 36 total levels. Carrying a handy stick for defense, you can defeat your enemies as you run and jump towards the goal.

Jump Kong Hero Craft World is a cheerful and colorful platformer with a lively theme.

jump kong hero craft world windows app

8. Tower of Elements

Summon your magical powers as a sorcerer’s apprentice in Tower of Elements. In this unique platformer, you must move through each room inside of a tower in search of the door. To get there, you utilize the elements of ice, fire, wind, and earth. Be on the lookout for enemy dwellers because you cannot damage them, but they can certainly hurt you.

For a mysterious platform game, Tower of Elements offers five different dungeons and 50 levels to challenge you.

tower of elements windows app

9. Treasure Maze

Become a king and search for your lost treasure in Treasure Maze. Collect gold and gems so you can receive diamonds to exchange for weapons. Attack your enemies as you climb ladders and ropes, push boxes and barrels, and find your way through the maze to the treasure. Then, pull out your Treasure Cracker tool to see what’s inside that valuable trunk.

Treasure Maze offers cool graphics and fun challenges through its 32 levels.

treasure maze windows app

Play a Puzzling Platformer

If just getting to the goal isn’t enough for you, these games throw puzzles into the mix.

10. Poly and the Marble Maze

If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary For Real? The Strangest Apps on the Windows Store The Windows Store is full of amazing tools, some spam, and a number of really strange apps. We highlight the most entertaining apps and amusing games we could find. Read More in a platform game, Poly and the Marble Maze comes through. With gorgeous graphics, you guide the marble across shapely platforms collecting crystals. Reach the flag and roll on to the next level, but be sure to plan your moves strategically and ahead of time.

Poly and the Marble Maze has simple controls with amazing visuals and attractive background music to match.

poly and marble maze windows app

11. Super Bounce Ball Maze

On the other end of the spectrum is Super Bounce Ball Maze. This platform puzzler has simplistic graphics, but they’re done well. What makes this game stand out from similar titles is that you must move the ball to the goal by making it jump over obstacles. But there’s a catch: you have no jump button. So, you’ll have to instead make that smiley roll to increase its speed, jump, and then slide into the goal.

Plan your moves carefully and enjoy 40 levels in the fun 2D Super Bounce Ball Maze game.

super bounce ball maze windows app

12. Rolling Sky 3D

For those who really want a challenge in a puzzle platform game, check out Rolling Sky 3D. This game may have simple controls, but the gameplay is anything but easy. As the ball rolls across platforms in the sky, you must move it left and right to avoid the obstacles while collecting gems and staying on the track.

If you are ready to a test of your skills and reflexes, give Rolling Sky 3D a try.

rolling sky 3d windows app

Which Windows Store Platformers Do You Love?

There are plenty more free games on the Windows Store, like trivia games to test your knowledge 8 Windows Store Trivia Games You Should Be Playing Who doesn't love a good trivia game? Here are a variety of the best trivia games available in the Windows 10 store! Read More . And if you don’t mind paying for a game without ads, check out the games worth paying for.

If platformers are your favorite genre, is there one in particular that you just love? Whether a perplexing puzzle platformer, a crazy character-based challenge, or a worldly adventure, share it with us in the comments below!

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