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Windows 7 Gets a New Service Pack, Change Your LinkedIn Password Now… [Tech News Digest]

Dave Parrack 18-05-2016

Easier updates for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, your LinkedIn password could be up for sale, Uber’s Trip Tracker tracks trips, grab a new (old) Xbox Gamertag, and watch BB-8 get an XP makeunder.


Microsoft Makes Windows Updates Easier

Microsoft is making it easier to update Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, with efforts to both ease the process of reinstalling Windows from scratch, and keeping it updated in the future.

First, and most importantly, Microsoft has released what it calls a “convenience rollup” for Windows 7. Which is a new service pack in all but name. This convenience rollup includes all security and non-security updates released since Windows 7 SP1 in 2011.

As Microsoft explains, “Install this one update, and then you only need new updates released after April 2016”. Unfortunately, this won’t be released via Windows Update, meaning you have to download it manually from the Windows Update Catalog.

Secondly, Microsoft is rolling all non-security updates for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 into a monthly update. This means that, apart from urgent security updates needed to keep your PC safe 7 Security Behaviors You Should Be Using to Stay Safe Being aware of online threats is half the battle. Complement that with using the right tools and behaviors, and you should be good. We've compiled everything you need to stay safe. Read More , you should only have to run Windows Update once a month to stay on top of things.


In Microsoft’s ideal world we would all be upgrading to Windows 10 10 Compelling Reasons to Upgrade to Windows 10 Windows 10 is coming on July 29. Is it worth upgrading for free? If you are looking forward to Cortana, state of the art gaming, or better support for hybrid devices - yes, definitely! And... Read More , but it’s nice to see the company not ignoring the needs of those choosing to stick with older operating systems.

LinkedIn Passwords Are Up for Sale

A hacker is currently hawking the email/password combinations for 117 million LinkedIn accounts Diving Into LinkedIn? 5 Tips To Get You Started LinkedIn can seem overwhelming. These 5 tips will get you from total newcomer to all-star networker in no time. Read More . These credentials were reportedly stolen in 2012, meaning anyone who hasn’t changed their LinkedIn password since then should do so immediately or risk having their account compromised.

LinkedIn was hacked in 2012, and 6.5 million passwords were posted online. However, if the claims being made by a hacker named Peace are true, many more passwords were stolen at the time. Peace is asking for five Bitcoin ($2,200) for the database, and selling it on the Dark Web What Is the Deep Web? It's More Important Than You Think The deep web and the dark web both sound scary and nefarious, but the dangers have been overblown. Here's what they actually and how you can even access them yourself! Read More .


LeakedSource [Broken URL Removed], which has also obtained the database, told Motherboard that these LinkedIn credentials were “kept within a small group of Russians,” until now. It remains unclear how they have suddenly found their way into the wider world, but all signs point to them being the real deal.

Uber Launches Trip Tracker


Uber has launched a new tool designed to help you keep an eye on a family member or friend using Uber What Is Uber and Why Is It Threatening Traditional Taxi Services? Uber has landed, and it's fundamentally changing inner-city transit. And some might say, not entirely for the better. Read More . The tool, called Trip Tracker, is a new feature for those using Family Profiles, which allows one person to pay for Uber rides for their family and friends.

Trip Tracker means the person in charge (and therefore paying for the rides) of a Family Profile can receive details of any journeys undertaken. As well as being automatically notified when a journey begins, you can follow the progress live on a map.


This should offer an extra layer of safety and security for the person taking an Uber 6 Things You Never Knew You Could Do with Uber If you think that Uber is just an app-delivered taxi, you are wrong. As a few Uber promoted alternative uses prove, the ride sharing service can be used in interesting ways. Read More , and extra peace of mind for the head of the household. To use Trip Tracker, you’ll need the latest version of the Uber app, and a Family Profile set up in your name.

Microsoft Releases 1 Million Gamertags


Microsoft has released nearly one million Gamertags that were previously unavailable for use. These Gamertags are “from the original Xbox era” and belong to accounts that “never migrated to Xbox 360 and as a result they have been inactive for quite some time”.

These new (old) Gamertags will be available to all “Xbox Live Gold customers with active subscriptions and at least 1 year of cumulative Xbox Live Gold tenure”. Unfortunately, Microsoft isn’t publishing a list of the Gamertags, which means you’ll have to keep searching until you find the one you want.


You can change your Gamertag on, from the Windows 10 Xbox app, or on the Xbox One Microsoft Xbox One Review And Giveaway The console wars are officially raging, and we've had sufficient time with both of them. That begs the question: how does the Xbox One compare? Read More itself. Changing your Gamertag will not affect your Gamerscore, Achievements, or Friends list.

What If BB-8 Ran on Windows XP

And finally, BB-8 is the latest Star Wars robot to have won us over with his cuteness and loyalty. But would we feel the same way about BB-8 if he looked, sounded, and acted like he was powered by Windows XP? This video suggests not. In fact, we may have hated BB-8 more than we hated Jar Jar Binks.

Which is odd really, as Windows XP is one of the greatest operating systems of all time Which Operating System Should You Choose for Your Next PC? Buying a new PC? You have more operating system choices than ever. Which is the best operating system for your computer? Read More , and still beloved by millions 5 Reasons Why You Love Windows XP & What You Sacrifice Nearly 30% of computers are still running Windows XP. It was a stable and reliable system for years, but all good things come to an end. Almost no good reasons to keep using Windows XP... Read More to this day. I guess we just don’t want our robot companions to sound like XP, or any version of Windows for that matter. Props to the person who made this for the inclusion of Clippy though. [H/T PewPewPew]

Your Views on Today’s Tech News

Will you be making use of Microsoft’s new convenience rollup? Have you changed your LinkedIn password since 2012? Will you be using Uber’s Trip Tracker to keep an eye on family or friends? Are you interested in changing your Xbox Gamertag? Do you prefer the Windows XP-powered BB-8?

Let us know your thoughts on the Tech News of the day by posting to the comments section below. Because a healthy discussion is always welcome.

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    May 18, 2016 at 6:39 pm

    As long as the "convenience update" does not come with any "get Windows 10" stuff, I'll be fine installing it.