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Windows Phone Is Dead As Microsoft Ends Support

Dave Parrack 12-07-2017

Microsoft has officially pulled the plug on Windows Phone, having ended all support for Windows Phone 8.1. This means that if you’re still using a phone powered by Window Phone 8.1 then you now belong in the same camp as those people persevering with the also-dead Windows XP Windows XP Lasted Longer Than World Wars I & II Combined Think Microsoft is letting Windows XP die too soon? You're not alone. Many think this is a cash grab. What if I told you Windows XP is the longest supported version of Windows ever? Read More .


We used to write about Windows Phone. We treated it the same as Android and iOS. And then we realized nobody was reading the articles because no one actually cared. That is until we declared Windows Phone dead MakeUseOf Says Goodbye To Windows Phone This is going to be a tearful goodbye, buddy, but it has to happen. MakeUseOf will soon be parting ways with Windows Phone. Read More , at which point hundreds of people felt compelled to complain.

Now, Windows Phone is actually dead, and this time it’s official…

Microsoft Stops Supporting Windows Phone 8.1

Microsoft ended support for Windows Phone 8.1 on July 11, 2017. Windows Phone 8.1 shared this death date with a host of other older and obscure products no one cares about, including Microsoft Identity Lifecycle Manager 2007, Microsoft ProClarity Analytics Server 6.3, and Microsoft Visual SourceSafe 2005 Standard Edition. None of which anyone has ever even heard of.

In layman’s terms Microsoft ending support for Windows Phone 8.1 means there will be “no new security updates, non-security updates, free or paid assisted support options or online technical content updates”. Which means you’re on your own, even if something goes badly wrong.

While it’s now official, most pundits declared Windows Phone dead Windows Phone Is Dead, Amazon Builds Spotify Killer... [Tech News Digest] Windows Phone sales are laughably small, Amazon rumored to be targeting Spotify, Apple recalls 12 years-worth of power adapters, Netflix gets blocked in Indonesia, and The Angry Birds Movie in all its glory. Read More ages ago. Which is unfortunate as most of the Microsoft-powered smartphones in the wild are still running Windows Phone 7, Windows Phone 8, or Windows Phone 8.1. None of which are supported any more.


Onwards and Upwards to Windows 10 Mobile

So, Windows Phone is dead, long live Windows 10 Mobile, perhaps?

Unfortunately even Windows 10 Mobile Why You Should Upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile and How to Do It Windows 10 Mobile has finally been released to the public. Provided your phone is supported, you should upgrade. Here's everything you need to know about upgrading from Windows Phone 8.1 to Windows 10 Mobile. Read More only boasts a negligible share of the mobile market. So Microsoft’s previous attempt at overcoming the might of Android and iOS is dead, and its current attempt is on life support. Maybe Microsoft should just stick to computers from now on.

Do you own a Windows Phone phone? If so, are you bothered by Microsoft ending support for your mobile operating system of choice? Are you going to move onto something new? If so, will it be Windows 10 Mobile, Android, or iOS? Please let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Cal's YA Reads
    July 17, 2017 at 2:19 am

    Ooh, ah. I shall be sending this to my friends!

  2. Rod
    July 13, 2017 at 5:01 pm

    I actually had someone give me a Windows 8.1 phone, and have to say that I love the thing. Which doesn't mean to say that I'm not frustrated that Microsoft has been slowly forcing me into giving up on the platform. First Facebook Messenger supported. Then Skype. Today I got notified that LinkedIn support was ending in August. If they don't want to provide tools for it, why should I continue to support it?
    I'm due for another phone soon, and it's not going to be a Windows Mobile 10 phone. I can't count on Microsoft to support the thing for as long as I might keep it, so I'll be moving to Android.
    Which is really unfortunate. I wanted the Windows platform to work on the phone, but neither consumers nor Microsoft seem to have strong support for it.

    • Amarjyoti
      July 13, 2017 at 6:42 pm

      Absolutely correct. If the boss Microsoft doesn't carebaout its child, then how could we?

  3. Jimmy james
    July 13, 2017 at 3:59 pm

    The title of this article is nothing but click bait. I'm curious, why didn't you title your article "Apple's iPhone is dead" and then in your article say "we mean the ORIGINAL iPhone, released 10 years ago, is dead, it will not run the current iOS. You will need to upgrade to the current version of the phone in order to run the current version of iOS."

    THAT is basically what is happening here. "Windows Phone" is not DEAD. It is simply that they are not providing updates to the old OS any more, and if you are running an old phone that cannot be upgraded to Windows 10, then you need to upgrade the hardware. My Lumia 950 is chugging along just fine and in fact received an update to the OS just last night.

    So retarded. Why do you journalist try to create confusion out of something that is just the normal progression of technology. Oh that's right, it's to trick readers into reading your article.

    • James
      July 16, 2017 at 2:09 am

      Holy crap! took the words right out of my mouth!

  4. Shawn A
    July 13, 2017 at 12:42 pm

    I stopped caring about Windows Phone back before it was stilled called Windows Mobile. I had a love relationship with the old Pocket PC's and Windows Mobile <6.1 days. It had its problems, it was sluggish at times, but the OS was far ahead of the competition at the time, before IOS was even a thought. It really gave Blackberry a run for its money.

    Speaking of Blackberry, does anyone still care about that OS either? Is that totally dead now? I still know people who use Blackberry's on a daily basis, mostly for business. That giant player seems harder to kill. I remember at one time, they had something like 80% of the market share.

    It's kind of sad to see these once great operating systems go to the wayside, and become relics so quickly after they were so great for so long. But that's the way the free market works. Sometimes I wish I had more of a choice between just Android or Apple for a smart phone. But in reality it's stupid to invest in any other platform out of fear that it will become irrelevant before your 2 year contract is even up.

    I'm still using a Blackberry Playbook by the way. And my spare phone sitting in a drawer is also a Blackberry in case I drop my iPhone in a puddle and need to swap the SIM for a day or two. Call me crazy, but I still find Blackberry to be a decent operating system even today. Fast, responsive, excellent battery life. What's not to like? Oh yeah, lack of apps I guess.

  5. Peter
    July 12, 2017 at 11:01 pm

    Bothered? Not particularly. Saddened? Yes. MS could have had a contender, but there were so very many missteps along the way. Poor marketing, the really bad WP7 -> WP8 no-upgrade path, more poor marketing, introducing WM10 and then - not trying to drive up support for it in any meaningful way.

    I really liked what MS was doing w/ WP7. The interface was different and well-suited for mobile. They tried to adopt Android/iOS UI standards that didn't make sense for WP/WM and never really got their universal apps off the ground.

    Still using a WM10 device, but I realize that there's a limited time left w/ the OS. I just happen to like it overall. I sometimes miss having some of the more mainstream apps, but I have the apps I actually use on WM so don't miss too much. Most likely my next device will be an Android, seeing that there's really nothing on the MS front. I've been following a couple of devices there and there are a couple that could meet my main needs when I'm ready to switch. Just wish there were more consistent upgrades to the OS for Android.

    • Christian Cawley
      July 13, 2017 at 10:53 am

      I'd largely agree with this. WP7 was a good start, and the non-existent upgrade was WP8 was a remarkable piece of non-awareness.

      However I don't think MS is going to abandon Windows 10 Mobile, as Continuum and various press events they've done make it clear that they consider the future of the PC to be (at least in part) pocket sized.