Windows 10 Start Menu Issues? Try Microsoft’s Free Fix Tool
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There are lots of free tools to fix problems that occur in Windows 10, and these come much appreciated. While you can usually dig into issues and figure out how to fix them yourself, it’s a lot more convenient to just let an automated tool do the work for you.

That’s what Microsoft FixIt tools are for. If you’re having issues with the Start Menu (even after viewing our guide to the Start Menu), like tiles disappearing or appearing blank, or the menu not launching when your press the Windows key on your keyboard, it might be time to run the free troubleshooting tool from Microsoft.

You can read more about the tool and download it on the Windows 10 Start Menu support page, or just grab the direct download` and run it right away.

Make sure you restart your computer after running the tool, and you should see the issues fixed. It’s a shame that these issues pop up at all, but hopefully the troubleshooter corrects them without causing you too much interruption.

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What Start Menu issues have you had, and were they fixed with this tool? Let us know if you had success in the comments!

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