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Windows 10 Proves Popular, Apple Ruins Finland, And More… [Tech News Digest]

Dave Parrack 14-10-2014

Also, Nakamoto sues Newsweek, Facebook adds stickers, Flickr sells Wall Art, Ebola available to buy, and beating three Nintendo 64 games all at once.


One Million Join Windows Insider Program

Over 1 million people worldwide are now using Windows 10 Will Windows 10 Make Productive People Even More Productive? It's official, the new Windows will be a perfect 10. Why Windows 10? Because Windows 7 8 (ate) 9. And here is what you will find inside the Technical Preview. Read More , a fortnight after Microsoft unveiled its latest operating system. In a blog post talking about what has happened since Windows 10 was revealed Microsoft Reveals Windows 10, Paypal Splits From eBay, And More... [Tech News Digest] Also, Samsung faces GapGate, Grooveshark found guilty, Spotify in Canada, and Jeff Goldblum sells LED lightbulbs. Read More , Joe Belfiore states that 1 million people have signed up to the Windows Insider Program to give feedback on the Windows 10 Technical Preview Windows 10 In Pictures - A Guided Tour Of The Technical Preview The Windows 10 Technical Preview is now available to everyone. Some bugs aside, it does look promising. We'll guide you through the new Windows one screenshot at a time. Read More , and the company has already received more than 200,000 pieces of feedback.

The Windows 10 team are now busy sorting through the reams of feedback and using it to change Windows 10 for the better. Belfiore promises that Windows 10 will evolve over the next year, so it’s likely that the finished product will look and feel very different than the one available to download How To Download Windows 10, Facebook Apologizes To Drag Queens, And More... [Tech News Digest] Also, Pokemon on iOS, MSN rebooted, self-destructing SSDs, Twilight films on Facebook, and an iDevice love story. Read More right now. Which, as Windows 10 is not quite ready to be used as your main operating system Why The Windows 10 Technical Preview Should Not Be Your Main OS If you think Windows 10 is a keylogger, you know nothing about the purpose of a Technical Preview. That's OK because we're here to explain. Read More , is extremely good news.

Finland Blames Apple For Its Woes

Apple is to blame for Finland’s current economic woes, at least according to the country’s prime minister, Alexander Stubb. He claims the downturn in Finland’s fortunes are as a result of Nokia falling out of favor and the paper industry suffering from the move to digital. Which is obviously all the fault of American tech firm Apple When Did Apple Become Popular? A Brief History of the Rise of Apple How did Apple start and when did Apple become popular? We answer these questions and more in a brief history of Apple. Read More .

Stubb told CNBC, “A little bit paradoxically I guess one could say that the iPhone killed Nokia and the iPad killed the Finnish paper industry, but we’ll make a comeback.” Finland could indeed make a comeback, but with Nokia now owned by Microsoft, and tablets and e-readers killing the need for paper, the country may need to look elsewhere for salvation.

Dorian Nakamoto Is Suing Newsweek

Dorian Nakamoto, the man Newsweek claims is responsible for creating Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto Unmasking, Spotify Echo, Vine Porn, Cortana Leak [Tech News Digest] Bitcoin is (allegedly) unmasked, Spotify acquires The Echo Nest, Facebook (finally) settles on its new News Feed design, Vine bans pornography, Microsoft's Siri-alike leaks, and LG releases the creepiest commercial of all time. Read More , is planning to sue the magazine for the story, and he is currently crowdfunding his legal defense fund. Nakamoto denies having anything to do with Bitcoin, but that didn’t stop Newsweek naming him as the mysterious man behind the crypocurrency in an article published in March, 2014.


Nakamoto found his world turned upside down when his personal information was disclosed in the magazine alongside the accusation he was actually Satoshi Nakamoto. Dorian has now created a website called Newsweek Lied, and is currently using it to solicit funds as “Newsweek must be held accountable for its reckless reporting.” One of the ways you can donate money is, rather ironically, by using Bitcoin.

Facebook Being Filled With Stickers

Facebook has added the ability to post stickers to the main site, which explains why your Timeline is now probably full of annoying stickers that add nothing to the conversation. Remember, just because you can now leave a comment on Facebook using a sticker or two doesn’t mean you should do so. Please. They suck.

Flickr Wall Art Turns Photos Into Canvases

Flickr More Than Photo Sharing: 5 Unique Uses for Flickr Flickr is best known as one of the easiest ways to share and store your photos online. We've come up with a few unique ways you can get more out of Flickr that go beyond... Read More now lets you turn your photos into wall art, with a program appropriately named Flickr Wall Art. For $49 and up, Flickr Wall Art lets you choose one of your own images to be turned into a piece of art for your wall. Unfortunately, this is currently limited to U.S. users and you can only choose your own photos rather than someone else’s photos, but these limitations could disappear in the future. Is Available To Buy

If you have money to spare and a desire to make money from a scary epidemic, then you can now buy The domain, currently owned by Blue String Ventures, is for sale, with an asking price of $150,000. Which proves that capitalism has no moral compass whatsoever.


Beating Three N64 Games Consecutively

And finally, beating any video game in under one hour is impressive enough, but Karl Jobst recently managed to beat three classic Nintendo 64 games 4 Hidden Gems From The Nintendo 64 That You Should Play We are going to give these hidden gems their moment in the sun, and hopefully, you will go back and play them, because you will still have a great time! Read More in quick succession.

As you can see in the video, Jobst switches between Super Mario 64, GoldenEye 007, and The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time. He reaches the end of all three in just 51 minutes. And now I need to get my old N64 out of storage and play these three games again for old time’s sake. [H/T Digg Video]

Your Views On Today’s Tech News

Have you joined the Windows Insider program and installed Windows 10? Are you pleased to see stickers filling up your Facebook timeline? What’s the quickest you have ever beaten a video game?

Let us know your thoughts on the tech news of the day by posting to the comments section below. Because a healthy discussion is always welcome.


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  1. Perry B
    October 14, 2014 at 6:17 pm

    Capitalism, as an economic system, has no need of a moral compass. Human beings, on the other hand, could all benefit from an occasional recalibration.

  2. Tom W
    October 14, 2014 at 12:00 pm

    “A little bit paradoxically I guess one could say that the iPhone killed Nokia and the iPad killed the Finnish paper industry, but we’ll make a comeback.”
    That doesn't sound like blame, that sounds like an observation. He isn't saying that Apple shouldn't have created the iPhone or the iPad in order to preserve the economical status quo in Finland.