Wikipedia’s Current Events Shows Ongoing World News and Its History
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Wikipedia holds a wealth of knowledge for anyone to uncover, and it’s easy to learn something new every day using the site. The online encyclopedia is truly an amazing resource. Perhaps you’ve only read Wikpedia to learn about your favorite celebrities or historical events, but have you ever thought about keeping up with current events using Wikipedia?

Wikipedia’s Current Events Portal gives you tons of information about what’s happening in our world now. A day-by-day breakdown shows you the biggest events in armed conflicts, politics, and science that occurred each day. If you’re more concerned with the big picture, you’ll find Ongoing Events on the right sidebar, as well as Elections, Trials, and Recent Deaths.

A sports sub-page of the Current Events portal will give you quick glances of the latest scores, upcoming events in various sports leagues, and even what’s in season if you’re not sure.

While you could always get your news from other sites, Wikipedia’s neutral viewpoint policies mean that you won’t have to put up with the hype or bias that other big entities have (plus there are no ads, though they do ask for donations). And of course, after you visit one page, you’ll want to follow a link to a different article, then another, and another….

Wikipedia’s portals are quite useful, but for some reason the Current Events one isn’t discussed often. Take a look today and educate yourself! Be sure to read our complete guide to Wikipedia if you need some help getting around.

Have you used Wikipedia’s Current Events Portal? What’s something neat you’ve learned on the site recently? Share with us in the comments!

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