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Tim Brookes 17-01-2013

Whether it’s a road trip, a night out or a regular gathering, keeping track of who owes what to whom can often be difficult and beyond that lead to disagreements. Whether you’re someone who forgets what they owe or when they paid or the person who at the end of the month has to have that slightly awkward “you owe me” moment, a means of tracking expenses 15 Cool Tools for Easy Expense Tracking and Budgeting Tracking your expenses and budgeting are two crucial parts of being financial healthy. These 15 apps make it easy to do both. Read More is usually a welcome addition to your group activities.


keep track of expenses is one such app that promises to keep track of expenses easily, without having to work out even splits or keep your own records of who paid what and for how much. The app uses Facebook to quickly connect friends, so if your friends don’t have Facebook then they’ll be unable to use the service. Once everyone in your group is connected, simply create a shared expenses group and you’re ready to start counting the pennies.

By adding expenses one-by-one – i.e. the price of dinner or a round of drinks – and whoever paid it, keeps track of the outstanding balances and how much each member of the group has been chipping in. No longer do you need to remind someone it’s their turn to pay BillsAreIn: Shared Households Expense Tracking Online Read More when the app keeps track of this data for you. The app is currently in beta, which means some hiccups should be expected!



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