How to Whitelist Email Addresses in Thunderbird

Ben Stegner 14-07-2016

Email whitelists allow you to control whose email gets through to your inbox. We’ve covered many of the procedures to whitelist senders in several webmail clients over the past few weeks, but what about desktop mail clients You Should Ditch Webmail for a Desktop Email Client If... A few years ago, webmail was all the rave. Wonder whether it's time to switch back to a desktop email client? Look no further. We show you the merits of a local mail service. Read More ?


Today, let’s look at how to add a sender to your whitelist inside Mozilla Thunderbird.

Similar to other email services, the easiest way to add a sender to your whitelist is to add them to your contacts book.

First, check if the email you want to whitelist went to the Spam or Junk folder — if it did, right-click it and choose Mark as not Junk. Next, choose Address Book to open your contacts list, and ensure Personal Address Book is selected. Now, just click the New Card button, and paste the sender’s email address into the Email field to add them as a contact.

To make sure your address book is set to be whitelisted, click the three-bar hamburger button and choose Options, followed by Account Settings and the name of your email account. In the Junk Settings header, check the box to Enable adaptive junk mail controls and ensure the box next to the Personal Address Book is checked to add it to the safe list.

Now, any email account you add to your personal address book won’t be caught in the junk filter. The benefit of using Thunderbird is that you can do this for several email accounts in one place using the same method! If you’re interested in more, check out how to set up custom filters in Thunderbird How to Set Up Message Filters In Thunderbird Read More .


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Are you a fan of Thunderbird? Let us know if you’re used these whitelist tools!

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