Which VPN Is Fastest in Your Area? This Free Tool Tells You
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If you think a VPN is only necessary for illegal activity like filesharing, think again. The truth is that there are many occasions when you should use a VPN to keep yourself protected or to improve shoddy network performance.

For example, VPNs can let you access U.S. Netflix when you’re temporarily overseas. And while the recent Netflix crackdown on VPNs has hurt a lot of cord-cutters, there are other uses: search privacy, international VoIP, or even securing public Wi-Fi.


However, not all VPNs are created equal. One that works well for me might not work well for you for any number of reasons, but regional location could be a big one. Thankfully, there’s a free web tool that shows you what kind of speeds you’ll get with various VPN providers.

The tool is VPNify.

It’s two years in the making, can compare 12 of the most popular VPN providers, and is available across North America, Europe, and Australia. However, be sure to read the popup tutorial when you first visit the site, otherwise you may find it a bit confusing to use.

Beware that VPNs, while useful, aren’t foolproof. There are vulnerabilities and problems that can potentially leak your IP address. Just keep that in mind.

Do you use a VPN? Which one? Try using the tool and let us know which VPN is fastest for your area in the comments below!

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