Wheretogetit: Find out where to buy clothes you like by uploading their pictures

Umar 11-02-2011

It is not always easy to find the clothes that you are looking for. But the task could be made much more easier if you had a picture of what you are looking for. By sharing the picture on “Where to Get It” you can ask others for help and see where to buy what you are looking for.


where to buy clothes

Where to Get It is a simple and free to use website. The site lets people upload pictures of clothes and clothing accessories; other site members then view these pictures and tell where to buy the items online. The pictures that you upload need to be clear so the items in it are easily viewable. From clothes to shoes and other accessories, you can find the buying locations of almost all clothing items. People who provide you with the buying locations are awarded points.


  • A user friendly website.
  • Lets you find clothing items from pictures through community-based information sharing.
  • Online buying locations are shared.
  • Points are awarded to person sharing accurate buying location.

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