WhereistheFold: Shows site’s visible area for different resolutions

Israel Nicolas 02-04-2010

There are many tools that help you optimize conversions for your web traffic: heatmaps, clickmaps, analytics Free Traffic Analytics Tools you Should Know About Read More , split testing and more. One concept that escapes many designers is having the most important elements (e.g. donate button, buy button, live support link) in the fold.


WhereistheFold is a simple tool that lets you find exactly where the fold (visible area) is for different screen resolutions.

visible area

WhereistheFold quickly shows the vertical fold for resolutions from 1024×768 up to 1680×1050. You can superimpose the fold layout to your website by typing your URL to see the visible part of your website for different resolutions. With this tool, you can be properly guided on where to strategically put the web elements that you want everybody to see without scrolling.
visible area

WhereistheFold is useful to web designers for making more efficient design layouts, and online store owners who want to increase conversions. By using this quick tool, you can easily visualize your website’s performance and see where you can improve in terms of usability.

visible area

  • Free; no sign up required.
  • See the fold for different screen resolutions.
  • Great tool for testing design elements.
  • Enter your website URL to check where it folds.
  • Similar Tool: Browser Size.

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