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Azim Toktosunov 04-07-2009

WhatsTheCost contains free financial calculators, which let you calculate the “true” long-term costs of financial products such as loans, mortgages, credit cards etc., and costly habits such drinking and smoking. Reduce your debt faster by calculating how much you could save by overpaying on a mortgage, which debts to pay down first and more.


free financial calculators

Some of their calculators:

    • – Snowball calculator:  shows the most efficient order in which to pay down your debts to minimize your overall interest payments.

– “Buy It Or Not” calculator: tell you whether you should buy an item based on how much you need it, its investment worth and your current cash flow.


  • Online financial calculators to better manage your finances.
  • Reduce your spendings and get rid of debt faster by calculating the true long term costs of various financial products (mortgages, loans, credit cars) and costly habits (smoking, drinking).
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