What’s Inside Their Camera Bags? These Sites Will Tell You

When it comes to learning about a photographer’s style and technique there is no better place to start than what equipment they use. One of the best thing about a site like Flickr is that it gives you the option to share what kind of camera and lens was used to take the photo, and even the metadata that shows you the settings used. Some sites take things one step further and allow you to peek inside a photographer’s camera bag and find out all the equipment they’re using.

If you’re a photographer who wants to share what kind of equipment you’re using to get your shots, you can also submit photos and info on your gear on several of the sites listed below.



ShotKit is a new site that highlights what’s inside professional photographers’ bags in a pretty impressive way. Browse through the site in chronological order, or better yet, browse by photography types — commercial, fashion, landscape, portrait, sports, travel, and wedding. Photographers can feature their kits on the site. As the website points out — it’s a great way to get exposure and even new clients.

ShotKit is run by Mark Condon, a British wedding photographer based in Sydney. In his own words,

Shotkit is 100% independent and self-funded, proud to be serving the photographic community around the world.

You can also keep up with ShotKit on Twitter, Facebook, and more.

Japan Camera Hunter

Japan Camera Hunter has been sharing what is in other photographers’ camera bags for quite some time. It has an archive of over 700 posts, and continues to share these posts daily.

Each post features a photo of the bag and its contents. A short submission from the photographer explains the contents and how they use their cameras.


If you want to share what’s in your camera bag, all you have to do is send a high resolution image of the bag, and its contents, along with “some details about yourself and what you shoot.” You can find out more about what to submit and how at the bottom of any post in the In Your Bag section of the site.

The Photo Brigade

The Photo Brigade has a similar series of blog posts, with photojournalist students to professionals alike sharing the contents of their photography bags. While the Photo Brigade doesn’t update this section of the site as often as Japan Camera Hunter, they do bring one interesting feature to the table.


The site  showcases photos of the equipment, and explains the equipment used. They also — thoughtfully — include direct links to where you can buy them.

Flickr CameraBag Group

Flickr photographers are sharing the contents of their photo bags on the photo-sharing website through the open group CameraBag. To share a photo with the group, make sure you include a photo of your camera bag, and the range of equipment you have inside it. If you want to share an image of a specific piece of equipment, they recommend the Equipment Group instead.


With almost 4,000 members and over 2,000 photos, the group is quite active and features a huge variety of bags and equipment. A lot of users also post a list of their equipment in the photo description.

DigitalRev TV

A few years ago, Digital Rev, the popular photography channel on YouTube, uploaded a video giving viewers a glimpse at what Lok C. and Kai Wong have in their photography bags. Since they’re constantly reviewing the latest camera gear, it’s impossible to know what they use personally. Thanks to this video, however, you can get a sense of what they were using — at least a few years ago at least.

They also have a Flickr group that encourages their viewers to share their own gear.

Now, while all these sites are about traditional photography equipment, there’s something to be said for your virtual photography bag as well. With smartphone cameras elevating mobile photography to a serious art, be sure to pack your virtual camera bag on your iPhone with these must-have iPhoneography apps New To iPhoneography? Here Are The Best Apps The App Store Has On Offer The iPhone's popularity for photos comes down to several different things - the convenience of having your 'camera' with you all the time and the sheer variety of shooting, editing and sharing apps. Read More .

If you’re more of a traditionalist, you can take a look at these ten blogs that give you tips on how you can get the most out of your photography equipment 9 Blogs That Will Make You Into An Amazing Photographer There's blogs which try to cover everything related to photography; there's specialized blogs that dive into the niches; there's blogs which only talk about gear, and there's blogs by talented photographers. Read More .

What’s in your camera bag? Let us know in the comments.

Image Credit: MIKI Yoshihito

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