What Does The Internet Think?

deans 23-11-2009 is a website which uses search engine results to tell you what the internet thinks on a particular subject. When you first log onto the site there’s a text entry box as seen in the screenshot below. Input your term (I entered peanut butter) and select which search engine you want it to use. You can choose between Google, Yahoo and Bing, all three or just two. However, choosing more than one means that the results can be a couple of minutes coming depending on your internet connection speed.


what does the internet think

The results are displayed as a bar chart with three categories; Positive, Negative and “˜Don’t care’. As you can see, the internet (or at least the search results) are highly in favour of peanut butter. These results can change hourly as they are merely a reflection of search engine results based on the keywords you entered. You also get a random tweet based on your subject to give the results more of a real-time feel.

What Does The Internet Think? whatdoestheinterentthink2 thumb

All in all, this is a fun little app which may be somewhat useful in finding out what the search engines think on a particular subject.


  • See what the internet thinks on a particular subject.
  • Uses Yahoo, Google, Bing and Twitter results.
  • Results can change in real-time as the search engines crawl for new pages.

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  1. gmonk
    November 29, 2009 at 11:28 am

    85% in favour of murder. Not what I'd call a reliable source of information. :(