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What Can You Do With Photoshop on an iPhone?

Nancy Messieh 10-01-2018

There are three iOS Adobe Photoshop apps, and while each of them serves a specific purpose, there’s a bit of overlap in the features available in all three. You will need an Adobe Creative Cloud A Complete Beginner's Guide to Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud Do you find yourself overwhelmed by Photoshop? Are you unsure how to perform even the most simple tasks? In this guide, we take a look at the absolute basics of the Adobe software. Read More  account to take advantage of many of the features listed here.


Photo Editing: Adobe Photoshop Express

Photoshop Express is the first place you’ll want to start if you’re looking for a robust photo editing app. It’s certainly not the only app of its kind Top 11 iOS Photo Editing Apps for Tweaks, Filters & Artwork There are plenty of free and paid iPhone apps to edit your photos, turn them into artwork, and make you looking stunning — here are our favorites. Read More out there for mobile users, and requires a Creative Cloud account to use some of its features, but here’s what you get with Adobe’s offering:

  • Basic Editing: Crop, straighten, and rotate images.
  • Light: Adjust exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, whites, and blacks in your photos. Includes one-click contrast, exposure, and white balance auto-fix.
  • Color: Adjust temperature, tint, vibrance, and saturation.
  • Effects: Adjust clarity and dehaze images. This is useful if you want to…? This feature is only available to Adobe Creative Cloud subscribers.
  • Details: Sharpen your images. Adobe Creative Cloud users can also reduce luminance and color noise.
  • Corrections: Fix red eye and pet eye. (If you’re looking for more advanced corrections features, Photoshop Fix has you covered.)
  • Add Text: Another Creative Cloud only feature, you can add text to your images using preset layouts provided by Adobe. This feature is useful for creating interesting social media graphics, but if you want more control over how you can add text to your images you’ll want to opt for Photoshop Mix.
  • Frames: Choose from a variety of frames, edges, and vignettes to add to your photos.
  • Blemish Removal: Simple blemish removal.
  • Filters: Choose from 45 photo filters to quickly edit your photos including filters geared towards portrait and nature photography, among others.
  • File Formats: Raw and TIFF file support.
  • Collage: Automatically create collages with your edited photos in grids and shapes. Choose from preset social-media friendly aspect ratios. Add stickers, borders, and backgrounds to your images.
  • Social Media Sharing: One click sharing directly from Photoshop Express to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and WhatsApp.
  • Watermarking: Add watermarks to your images.
  • Creative Cloud integration: Save your images to your Creative Cloud account.

Photo Retouching: Photoshop Fix

Photoshop Fix is intended mainly for portrait photographers, and gives you a little more in the department of retouching and healing. You will have to sign up for a free Adobe Creative Cloud account to use it:

  • Basic Editing: Adjust contrast, exposure, temperature, saturation, shadows, and highlights
  • Healing: Fix blemishes, imperfections, and remove objects with the cloning stamp, spot heal, and patch features. You can get one-click fixes for red-eye
  • Smooth and Sharpen: Drag your finger over an area of the photo to smooth or sharpen. You can adjust the size of the brush, its hardness, and opacity. Undo your changes selectively with a restore option.
  • Lighten and Darken: Drag your finger over an area of the photo to lighten or darken it. Undo your changes selectively with a restore option.
  • Liquify: If used in moderation, this option can exaggerate certain features. If you used excessively, it can completely distort an image.
  • Defocus: Create a fake shallow depth of field. Drag your finger over the areas of the photo you want to be out of focus or blurred.
  • Saving and Sharing: Save final images to your phone or your Creative Cloud library or Lightroom library, share to Instagram, Facebook, or Behance, or send to Photoshop CC with edits preserved as layers.

Blending and Social Media: Photoshop Mix

Photoshop Mix, which also requires a free Creative Cloud account, is great for users looking to easily create social media graphics for sharing online. Here’s what you can do with it:

  • Add Text: Add text to your images choosing from a wide variety of fonts. You have complete control over placement, font size, leading, kerning, alignment, and color.
  • Combine Photos: Easily blend two photos or images together. The app makes it easy to erase a white background from an image to add it to a second image, or to using Photoshops blending features to merge two photos together. The tutorials are essential for learning how this feature works.
  • Remove Objects: The features of the app can also be used to remove objects from photos.
  • Basic Editing: Adjust color, contrast, and apply filter presets.

If your interest in Photoshop relates more to its illustration features rather than its photo editing features, you can check out the iOS app Adobe Photoshop Sketch.

Do you use Adobe’s photo editing iOS apps? What are your favorite iOS photo editing apps? Let us know in the comments. 


Image Credit: hurricanehank/Depositphotos

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