What About Me: Create Your Own Infographic About Your Facebook, Twitter & YouTube Presence
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Infographics quickly get the message across in a fun way. Where detailed bars and graphs spread out over separate diagrams might be confusing, the same amount of information shown in an infographic can be grasped in an easier manner. Considering this, Intel has released a new tool called “What About Me” that analyzes your Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube activity and presents it in a visually appealing infographic.

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What About Me is a free to use web service that lets you easily analyze how you have been using your Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube accounts. You start by granting the site access to your accounts. Your usage is analyzed and the infographic is generated while you play with some distractingly interactive circles that are displayed.

The infographic that is finally generated shows your interests in terms of percentages, how you react with friends, plus a number of other interesting things about your social networking usage.

The infographic is made available for download as a JPG image and can also be shared directly online with your friends.

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Check out What About Me @ www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/what-about-me/what-about-me.html

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