Wex: Get Law Terminology Definitions

Umar 14-09-2010

Law has its own language. This language is made up of special terms that non-lawyers like you and me do not understand. For a quick reference to all these law-related terminology, check out a web tool called Wex.


law terminology definitions

Wex is a project of Cornell University’s Legal Information Institute. The web tool is a free one; it provides online dictionary law terminology definitions. You can search for terms using the search box available in the right of the site.

law terminology dictionary

When you find the topic or term you are searching for and reach its page, you will find that Wex not only provides a simple definition of it, but it completely details it. In many cases references of actual court cases are provided. This can immensely help law students in their exam preparation.

Wex: Get Law Terminology Definitions  clip image0061



  • Free law terminology dictionary online.
  • Contains definitions of legal terms.
  • Contains case references and details explanations.
  • Wonderfully useful for lawyers and non-lawyers alike.

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