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Ready to Get Weird? 7 Bizarre Mobile Games You’ll Love

Sandy Writtenhouse 10-03-2017

Flinging birds, matching candies, and outscoring friends on your smartphone are all a ton of fun. But sometimes you’re just in the mood for something out of the ordinary. Check out these bizarre, kooky, oddball games for Android and iOS that bring a bit of weirdness to your day and enjoyment to your mobile gaming How to Mod Your Android Device for Better Gaming To get the best performance out of your Android device, you need these tweaks! Read More .


1. Booger Boing

Bounce boogers through a nose.

If the name alone doesn’t describe the bizarre nature of this game, then the gameplay will. In Booger Boing, you must shoot a booger through a nose, around obstacles, and into the level goal. Just remember, there is no helpful tissue, nose-blowing, or nasal spray allowed. It’s just you and your finger.

Ready to Get Weird? 7 Bizarre Mobile Games You'll Love BoogerBoing mobile

You can adjust the direction and strength of each fling. Stick to the green parts of the nasal walls, watch out for dangerous nose-residing creatures, and do not fall into the vast mucus at the bottom. Collect coins as you bounce and you can redeem them for awesome hats, glasses, and other items to dress up your booger.

If you can get past the strange name and off-the-wall concept, you will enjoy Booger Boing. The game has impressive graphics, upbeat music, and plenty of challenging levels. It is a truly fun, hard-to-put-down game.


Download — Booger Boing for Android | iOS (Free)

2. Sausage Bomber

Save the nation with sausage.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to strike back at invaders. Gear up and move out with your Sausage Bomber. You will load up with kielbasa, Scottish haggis, Vienna sausage, and even your standard-issue encased meat.

Ready to Get Weird? 7 Bizarre Mobile Games You'll Love SausageBomber mobile


As you complete 128 unique missions, you will earn coins for your successes. Redeem those valuable coins for different bombers or save up for the Atomic Sausage. Your best strategy is to create a chain reaction that takes out the invaders with a single sausage. Take aim and plan your drop because there is nothing worse than a sausage just lying on the ground.

Sausage Bomber has the strange concept of bombing invaders with meat. However, it’s enjoyable with well-designed graphics and the right amount of difficulty, making it an overall cool game.

Download — Sausage Bomber for Android | iOS ($1.99)

3. I Am Bread

Become a piece of toast.


Sometimes the simplest things in life are the most interesting. I Am Bread is a game where you are just that: bread. But, you have high hopes for yourself that go beyond bologna. You want to become toast and you are determined to make it happen.

Ready to Get Weird? 7 Bizarre Mobile Games You'll Love IAmBread mobile

I Am Bread is a challenging, addictive game that takes you through the kitchen and into the garden to fulfill your dream. You will flip, turn, climb, and nudge the bread toward the toaster. The hard part is that you cannot touch the ground. If you do, you must move quickly to save yourself or you will have to start again.

Can you make it out of the kitchen and onto the other seven levels? Or is peanut butter and jelly as far as you will ever go? Toast — er, test your skills in this unusual bread-winning adventure.


Download — I Am Bread for Android | iOS ($4.99)

4. Robot Unicorn Attack 2

They really do exist.

Rainbows and unicorns are said to bring happiness. But in Robot Unicorn Attack 2, they bring kookiness. You are in control of the strong and mighty robot unicorn in this endless runner with a twist. Make a wish and then race through the worlds at war.

Ready to Get Weird? 7 Bizarre Mobile Games You'll Love RobotUnicornAttack2 mobile

You’ll collect tears and fairies, dash through stars, and witness space whales and ice owls. Reach the goals, climb the leaderboards, achieve a high ranking, and be rewarded for your bravery with powerful boosts.

Try not to get distracted by the strange and silly things happening around you. Just race through the land with your flowing rainbow mane in this follow-up to the original Rainbow Unicorn Attack.

Download — Robot Unicorn Attack 2 for Android | iOS (Free)

5. Goat Simulator

Be the goat.

Summon your inner goat and get ready to cause some destruction in Goat Simulator. Earn points for destroying objects — whether crates, cars, or cans, wreck whatever you want. Then, lick some money, jump on a trampoline, or take a stranger for a wild ride.

Ready to Get Weird? 7 Bizarre Mobile Games You'll Love GoatSimulator mobile

Goat Simulator has been around for a while 5 Goat Simulator Mods You Need To Try The community around Goat Simulator is just as crazy as the developers themselves, and with the game being open to mods, even more nonsense has popped up. Read More , but is still going strong and receiving updates. The physics are a bit unusual and might make you chuckle. But what could be more fun than being a goat and headbutting a human on your quest for golden trophies or tasty sugar?

Be a normal goat, spider goat, or an evil goat as you travel through Goatville, Goat City Bay, and then go Buck to School. The choice is yours because, of course, you are the goat.

Download — Goat Simulator for Android | iOS ($4.99)

6. Amateur Surgeon 4

Play doctor.

Grab your pizza cutter and prepare for surgery in Amateur Surgeon 4. Doctor Bleed has been resurrected in this fourth game of the series. You will operate on over 100 unique patients patching up their brains, hearts, lungs, and other innards.

Ready to Get Weird? 7 Bizarre Mobile Games You'll Love AmateurSurgeon4 mobile

Reassemble a rib cage and remove glass from cuts, but watch the patient’s health meter as you operate. You may need to give them a shot of pain medicine because their lives are in your hands. You can also recruit partners with abnormal abilities to assist you. Filthy Nowe can help you find valuables inside of the patients and Barbara Ho-Tep sweeps away debris during the operations.

Amateur Surgeon 4 has an intriguing story of mystery surrounding all the blood and guts. And of course, the game does not use realistic graphics. So even though it is odd and a little gross, it’s still enjoyable.

Download — Amateur Surgeon 4 for Android [Broken URL Removed] | iOS (Free)

7. Office Jerk

Ever wish you could do this in person?

If you’ve ever worked in an office environment, then you know that no matter where you go, there is always that one annoying colleague. Maybe it’s your supervisor or just a coworker at the desk next to you. Either way, Office Jerk gives you the chance to do what you wish you could do in real life.

Ready to Get Weird? 7 Bizarre Mobile Games You'll Love OfficeJerk mobile

In this odd oldie but goodie, you get to throw a stapler, plunger, pie, and even a creepy gnome at a dude who is hard at work. Your goal is to hit him in the head as many times in a row as possible. But breaking his computer screen and making him sneeze do help you mark items off the handy checklist.

Aim well because when you miss, he taunts you. This makes you want to just grab that computer monitor and give him a huge lump on his head, which also happens to be on the checklist. Weird? Sure. Entertaining? Absolutely.

Download — Office Jerk for Android | iOS (Free)

What Oddball Games Did We Miss?

If you have tried and now enjoy one of these strange mobile games, let us know. But, if you know of one or currently play one that is bizarre This Strange Text Adventure Game Was Made in Google Forms Text adventure games have been around for quite some time. Someone has recently created one using Google Forms -- here's where you can check it out. Read More , feel free to share it with us. It could be the concept, storyline, graphics, or even the controls that makes you scratch your head.

Whatever it is that makes the game weird, fill us in so that we can check it out!

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    If you're looking for weird games there is the really fun one called Just Kill Me 3.

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