WebView: Clip Webpages For Later Viewing

Dave LeClair 19-03-2012

The web is filled with content. Everywhere you turn, there are awesome images, interesting articles and lots of other stuff to look at. Managing all of this can become challenging. WebView is an extension that allows you to grab a part of a website that interests you and pop it out in a separate tab.


You can then take another section of a website and clip it, and when you are done, you will have a page filled with what looks like newspaper clippings filled with interesting pieces of content.

clip web pages

All you need to do is click the icon in your browser, and draw the area you want to select. It will place it in a separate tab for you to view when you want to. It allows you to gather all the cool stuff you want to read and put it all in one handy place. It helps you keep focused on what is important to you.


Viewing the page you select is as easy as clicking on it. It will only show you the parts you select, so you can avoid all the extra stuff that gets in the way.



Find WebView on the Chrome Webstore.

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