9 Lesser Known Websites Every Student Should Bookmark

Shubham Agarwal 23-01-2019

Being a student means you’ve to juggle between numerous responsibilities, all the while on a limited budget and time. Therefore, it’s important that you become familiar with all the study hacks you can employ to preserve the precious duo of time and money. Here are nine lesser-known websites for students that should find a place in your bookmarks.


1. FreeForStudents: The Best Free Stuff for Students

Freeforstudents deals

FreeForStudents is a handy website which lists services that offer student discounts and packages. It also links the specific signup page so you don’t have to go looking for it on the company’s website. Also, FreeForStudent tells you what the application is bundling in the student package and for how long it stays valid before you will have to pay.

There’s an option for submitting freebies as well if you discovered a deal on your own or you work for the company that is offering it.

2. Find the Best Accommodation listings is a student housing marketplace that lets you locate affordable apartments or rooms in about four hundred cities. One of the highlights of the portal is that you can also search based on your college and get results that are best suited for it. Listings on have clear indicators for several student-specific attributes like a study room or a gym.

Advertisement is free to use and you can even talk to experts without paying anything extra.

3. Iris AI: Find Research Papers with AI

Iris AI Demo

If you’re still a student or a researcher, you know how painful it can be to locate similar papers online. Well, not anymore as AI comes to the rescue again.

Iris AI is a free service you can log into for surfacing related research papers based on their topics. You can begin by feeding in a title, existing link, or even a TED Talk YouTube URL. Iris AI will then comb through all the available resources and present you with a nifty interface you can quickly go through to find a specific document.


4. Sleepy Time: Get a Good Night’s Sleep

SleepyTime demo

Most students hardly ever come close to achieving the recommended 8-hours of sleep. But a few studies show even without that, it’s possible for you to be well rested. The trick is to wake up from the lighter sleep cycle instead of the deeper one. And to calculate the precise timings, you need a little web app called Sleepy Time.

Sleepy Time shows the hours at which you should go to sleep for waking up without feeling groggy. You can choose from one of the suggested timelines or you could also check when you should wake up if you go to sleep right away. Of course, Sleepy Time is not a perfect solution but if you’re struggling while trying to balance late nighters and health, it’s worth a shot.

If Sleepy Time’s recommended schedules are way off the mark, you can always track your sleep yourself The Best Sleep Apps for Tracking and Improving Sleep Learn how to improve your sleep quality using sleep tracker apps, blue light filter apps, and sleep meditation apps. Read More and set alarms accordingly.


5. Student Recipes: Find Quick Recipes You Can Make

student recipes catalogue

The lack of resources in a student’s life extends to their kitchen as well. However, as it turns out, there are hundreds of dishes you can cook even with a paltry set of ingredients. And that’s where enters.

Student Recipes is home to a multitude of recipes designed for the student lifestyle which essentially means they’re easy to make and don’t require a whole of investment. You can browse a wide range of categories and even submit your own if you have one to share.

6. Cheatography: Cheat Sheets and Quick References

Cheatography homepage


Cheat sheets are an essential part of every student’s study session whether it’s for a quick revision session before the exam or the night before. But creating cheat sheets are, as you probably know, a time-consuming hassle. To counter that hurdle, we present you Cheatography.

Cheatography is a free website that houses tons of already prepared cheat sheets ready for you to consume. It covers a vast variety of topics from science to music and you can even download these documents as PDFs. In addition, Cheatography allows you to search by a bunch of filters and there’s also a community feature where you can clear your doubts.

7. StudentRate: Grab the Best Deals & Discounts

StudentRate homepage

StudentRate is a service for finding money-saving deals for all your shopping needs. The website compiles these discounts in categories which would be relevant to a student like items for your dorm room, textbooks, student loans, and what have you.

What’s more, StudentRate has a “follow” option for staying on top of your favorite deals and be notified when they’re about to expire.

8. Brainly: Seek Answers from the Community

Brainly demo

Brainly is a student-focused question and answer platform where you can pick strangers’ brain to solve your homework and projects. The process for submitting a new post is quite straightforward, although chances are someone has already asked the same question thanks to Brainly’s active audience.

Also, there’s an extensive search option if you’d like to look up particular queries. You can even chat with individual users to discuss a topic further or befriend them for later.

9. StudentLoanHero: Repay Your Student Loan with a Plan

student loan hero home page

StudentLoanHero, as the name suggests, assists you in paying off your student loans by preparing elaborate financial plans. The app does so by analyzing your current situation and stitching a solution so that you can comfortably escape the debt.

The website has a host of tools for you to understand loan repayments such as dedicated calculators, quizzes, mortgage options, and more.

Maximize Your Learning Time

Living the student life is a demanding job but with the help of these tools, you should be able to minimize the blow. But as a citizen of the millennial generation, perhaps websites may not always be your thing. In that case, just keep these useful apps for students The 20 Best Apps for Students to Get Through a Day of School Whether you're in high school or college, these awesome apps should be at the top of your back-to-school to-do list! Read More close as you navigate your way through school.

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