Some Useful Websites To Aid You In Your Daily Routine

Aaron Couch 30-10-2012

We all have a daily routine of some sort but there are many things that we all do, whether it is checking the weather, managing our finances or making our next meal. I’ve scoured the web to find some of the best websites to help you do these day-to-day tasks.


I will say this now, these aren’t the only ones, as MakeUseOf and the Internet in general are chock-full of websites of all types, but after some research and great results I’ve narrowed down the list to what I think are the best websites in various categories of what we do almost every day.

Checking The Weather

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Have you ever got up in the morning, got ready, ate breakfast, walked out to your car and realized there was frost on every window? Now instead of being on the road, you have to take five or ten minutes to scrape your windows. This just happened to me recently. Of course there are lots of different weather scenarios, but this one seemed quite fitting given the time of year here in the Midwestern United States.

How could you avoid this or any other weather-related problem? By simply checking the weather the night before. However, in my experience I’ve found that many meteorology websites aren’t as accurate as they should be. Weather Underground is one you can trust and has all the information that you need about the weather. One feature I love about Weather Underground, which Justin actually focused an entire article on, is FullScreenWeather.

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Read about Weather Underground in more depth on MakeUseOf:

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Managing Your Money

Have you jumped on board with online banking and e-statements? If not, you should as it has many benefits. But alongside your native online banking interface is another very useful website and tool that can bring even more value to your online banking experience. That website is You’ve likely heard of it, it’s no secret anymore. However, I would be doing you an disservice if I were to leave it out of this article.

It is clearly the best financing tool available to you for managing your budgets, goals, trends, investments, as well as alerting you about the different statuses of your accounts. Think of it as your personal finance manager that doesn’t cost you a thing.


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Read more about How To Use Mint To Manage Your Budget & Spendings Online Read More on MakeUseOf.

Navigating Your Way Around

Getting lost is never fun when you have somewhere to be. Many times the difference can simply be having a better understanding of what the area looks like or just having a printout of directions. There are a couple sites that are very beneficial and those are MapQuest and OpenStreetMap.

Now I know what you’re thinking, “MapQuest? Really? Not Google Maps?” And my response is “Yes, really.” Recently I have gone back to using MapQuest more and have found that it has quite a few excellent features. The interface is intuitive and it shouldn’t be ignored. One feature I really like is its integration with other places that you are looking for such as lodging, food, entertainment, etc. You also can give it information about your driving which it will use in helping you find the most efficient route. I encourage you to try it. You might just like it better.


daily web routine

OpenStreetMap is a user-based, wiki world map. That means all of the data is free, downloadable and completely user-generated. It’s surprisingly useful, despite its simple concept.

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Read more about navigation on MakeUseOf.


Contacting Companies Over The Phone

Ugh. The dreaded phone customer service. Granted, some companies are better than others, but most of the time it is a time-consuming process that usually gets us all flustered before we even talk to a representative. There are a couple websites that have acknowledged this issue and are working to make the consumers’ experience with customer service much better. You may have already heard of them: LucyPhone [Broken URL Removed] and GetHuman.

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GetHuman takes customer service a step further. The phone number provided is ranked by users and displays information such as the average wait time. I’m also very impressed by two additional features that GetHuman offers. They’ve teamed up with LucyPhone and integrated their “Let Us Call You” technology directly into the GetHuman website allowing you to have the company call you with a click of the button. Or if you prefer to make the call, you can save your minutes with the option to call right from their website.

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Cooking Or Searching For Food

I’m not much of a chef (that’s an understatement), so when I need directions on how to prepare a meal, big or small, I’ve found AllRecipes to be the solution. With visuals, reviews and easy-to-follow directions (a must for me) AllRecipes is without a doubt my favorite go-to websites for recipes.

Some Useful Websites To Aid You In Your Daily Routine AllRecipes [No Longer Available] is another awesome, but very simple website. If you are a tea drinker, this is the site for you. It was created by the developer who created the e.ggtimer and is based on the same principles.

Some Useful Websites To Aid You In Your Daily Routine Steep

Have you ever been craving something, but didn’t know where to find it? There are lots of websites to help you find specific restaurants, but what if you wanted to indulge into some tacos, but didn’t know where to find some? Foodspotting has you covered.

Some Useful Websites To Aid You In Your Daily Routine Foodspotting Map

Some Useful Websites To Aid You In Your Daily Routine Food Spotting Pictures

Read more about recipe websites The 7 Best Online Cooking Guides for the Beginner Cook You can learn how to be a great cook. These cooking guides for the beginner cook are few of the best places to start. Read More and cooking on MakeUseOf.

Shopping Online

Shopping online versus going to the store has many advantages. One being that the majority of the time, prices are cheaper. But wouldn’t you like to find an even cheaper price? RetailMeNot is a website that has a coupon code for just about every website that you can purchase from. I’ve found several codes on there that have dropped the price of my shopping cart. It’s certainly worth a look.

Some Useful Websites To Aid You In Your Daily Routine RetailMeNot

Now that you’ve saved loads of money on your purchase, how about finding out when it will arrive. There are many tracking websites out there, but one that I like above all the rest is Packagetrackr [Broken URL Removed].

Some Useful Websites To Aid You In Your Daily Routine Packagetrackr

Staying (Or Getting) Healthy & Fit

To get and stay healthy and fit it takes a couple things. First it takes purpose and there are websites to help you stay purposed and dedicated. Next it takes knowledge, which there are also websites to help you with. LoseIt is a website which, like its name implies, helps you lose or maintain your weight.

Some Useful Websites To Aid You In Your Daily Routine LoseIt

What about keeping track of your workouts though? Although LoseIt can do this, another great website focused on the social aspect of working out and recording your achievements is Fitocracy.

Some Useful Websites To Aid You In Your Daily Routine Fitocracy

Next there are two websites for learning more about your health: WebMD and RealAge. Both of these websites are packed full of useful information to help you make the best choices for your health. Although these websites in know way replace a doctor, they can be a nice asset in helping you determine the next step in your health.

Read more about fitness and health on MakeUseOf.

Quickly Discovering Information

Google right? No. Google is great yes, and for most people it suffices. But let’s forget there’s a Google for a second. There are a lot of other great sources for information as well. There’s one website that has really surprised me and I think it’s great. It’s called QwickUp and is basically a place where you can look at information from several different sources all in one place.

Some Useful Websites To Aid You In Your Daily Routine QwickUp

Not only can you look at several sources, but you can pick and choose which ones you want. There’s no creating an account, but simply click the “gear” button to adjust which websites you’d like to see displayed.

Some Useful Websites To Aid You In Your Daily Routine QwickUp Options

Check Time Zones All Over The World

You may not need to check time zones every day, or every week, but whenever you do need to, there are two nice tools. The first is quite simple and is from the same developer of the website, which I mentioned earlier. The site is called What Time Is It There. It’s for the US only, but it’s quite simple.

Some Useful Websites To Aid You In Your Daily Routine WhatTimeIsItThere

The next website is [NO LONGER WORKS] TimeZoneCheck. It is worldwide and is a bit more interactive than What Time Is It There.

Some Useful Websites To Aid You In Your Daily Routine TimeZoneCheck2

Read more about time zone tools 10 Ways to Visualize Time Zones Around the World & Be on Time Read More on MakeUseOf.

Research For Movie Times, Reviews & Locations

Researching movies can be fun, but it can also be a pain. However, whenever you have a website that combines the trailer, reviews, locations and movie times all in one, it makes deciding on a movie much easier, especially when there’s several people trying to pick which one to go see. Fandango does just that.

Some Useful Websites To Aid You In Your Daily Routine Fandango

Check out more ways to find information on movies on MakeUseOf.

Finding Your Time Of Zen

Ahh we’re finally relaxing. There are some websites to help you do this too. Have you ever tried to just sit there, doing nothing, for two minutes? Sounds easy. But when you have a computer in front of you, a cell phone vibrating beside you and who knows what other electronic devices surrounding you, it can be quite difficult. We have become a society of “Go! Go! Go!” Why? Why not take some time just to think. and help you to do just that. starts right as the page is loaded. Don’t touch your mouse or keyboard for two minutes. And while you do this, try not to use any other electronic device either. Just sit there and listen to the soothing sounds.

Some Useful Websites To Aid You In Your Daily Routine Do Nothing for 2 Minutes is a little more detailed. If you move your mouse, it won’t tell you you failed, but it gives you a few more options as well.

Some Useful Websites To Aid You In Your Daily Routine calm

RainyMood is another that you have actually probably heard of. It’s quite popular, but it is another simple website of none other than, rain sounds. It also features a different music video each day that goes alone with the sound of rain and storms.

Some Useful Websites To Aid You In Your Daily Routine rainymood

Go To Bed

One last website is, where you enter the time you want to wake up and it tells you the times you should go to sleep. It is based on sleep cycles. I’m not sure how valid the information is, but it seems rather accurate and I would guess that it has some validity to it.

Some Useful Websites To Aid You In Your Daily Routine sleepyti

daily routine website


Again, these are not the only websites of their kind. The Internet has lots of informative websites to help you – these are just some of the ones I feel can be a help on a daily basis. Also, I will note that many of these also have a smartphone app too, so if you do have a smartphone, be sure to look into that.

Do you have any recommendations for useful sites for your daily tasks? Perhaps one that I overlooked? Share them below in the comments!

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    For current conditions and detailed radar, WeatherUnderground is great but for detailed forecasts check out After entering your zip code, you get a good summary page but my go to page is on the lower right entitled Hourly Weather Graph. It contains 48 hour, hour by hour, charts of just about every measurable weather number you could want.