tDash – Online Twitter Client That Makes Managing Unread Tweets Easy

Jessica Cam Wong 14-05-2010

Twitter client you don't have to downloadTwitter streams flow in and out fast, making it really easy to miss and forget important announcements that get buried and left behind, especially if you follow very active Twitter users. Third-party Twitter clients give you a much more intricate interface for but aside from Tweetdeck, these clients bring tweets in that might bypass you unless you’re actively chasing after the streams.


Web-based Twitter client tDash aims to help you catch up with all those unread tweets in a productive and organized manner much like an RSS reader. It is a Twitter client you don’t have to download. In fact, tDash developers have made it clear that their project was created with the Google Reader interface and functionality in mind.

Twitter client you don't have to download

Sporting a minimalistic and easy-to-navigate interface (see full-size screenshot), tDash also has its very own handy TwitPic-like service in case you want a quick way to post a picture from your desktop.

Let’s see what features this smart Twitter client has to offer.


tDash Won’t Store Your Twitter User Information

Your email account probably already gets enough spam so registering a new account with your email (and remembering another password) shouldn’t be the way to go. tDash knows that and uses OAuth to help you skip getting yet another account and avoid storing your Twitter password.

Twitter client you don't have to download

It Supports Multiple Accounts

twitter clientIf you have multiple Twitter accounts, you must have lots more unread tweets! Thus, tDash makes it easy to sort unread items by account. As tDash doesn’t ask you to register an account, there’s no way to link all your accounts together, but this shouldn’t be a problem, unless you own a bunch of Twitter accounts.

Mark Users’ Tweets As Read By Pressing the Spacebar

Every Twitter user will be displayed in a sidebar to the right, like every blog is shown as a folder in Google Reader. You’ll be able to see the fresh, unread items from each user and mark each one as read (by pressing the spacebar, which will bring you to the next unread item) or all of the user’s tweets by pressing on Mark folder as read.


Alternatively, you can also mark all incoming tweets as read. If you wish to see the read items, just check the Show Read box and then on Fetch now! or press ‘u’ to refresh the updates. You can customize the order in which the tweets show up first.

Aside from viewing your friends’  Twitter streams, tDash also has other sections that behave as Google Reader folders and can be marked as unread/read: Lists, Mentions/DMs which is in Folders and Trends.

twitter client

Easy-To-Remember Keyboard Shortcuts

This will probably win Google Reader users since the J and K keys are assigned to go to the next or previous unread tweet. Alternatively, if you don’t use Google Reader, you can still easily memorize the keyboard shortcuts for next and previous items by using the N and P keys respectively.


Here’s the rest of the easily memorizable shortcuts.

twitter client

One-Click Picture Tweeting & A Few More Goodies

tDash - Online Twitter Client That Makes Managing Unread Tweets Easy tdashuploadpic1 opt

If you’re on your computer and want to quickly send out a picture, upload it to tDash and see it instantly online or copy the shortened URL (that would be something like and share it with friends.


This image-sharing service isn’t a full-blown Posterous, as you won’t see a way to email in your photo from your mobile. Nevertheless, tDash is much more capable as an excellent Twitter client than a mobile picture-sharing service. It expands shortened URLs, conversations and provides image previews, all in-line.

tDash - Online Twitter Client That Makes Managing Unread Tweets Easy tdashbest 0

If you want to go to the actual webpage, simply pressing on the ‘o’ key will bring you to the site (refer to the keyboard shortcuts above). Got an URL that has your tweet going beyond 140 characters? As you send your tweet out, tDash will bounce back with a URL, which you’ll see expanded right away in the dashboard. Native retweet is also supported in case you want to instantly retweet something without having to edit the tweet.

On its website, tDash lists auto-refresh, Twitter search, and syncing across multiple browsers as features you might see brought to life soon. Until then, tDash is still a genius, easy-to-use and powerful breed between a web-based RSS reader and

If catching up with your unread items in Twitter isn’t something you’re looking for, check out these other Twitter clients we have reviewed:

What are your experiences with web-based Twitter clients? Let us know in the comments if you have tried and liked tDash!

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  1. Vampie
    May 16, 2010 at 12:00 pm

    This is exactly what I've been looking for.
    It works perfect.
    If it would be a standalone application, it would be awesomme. :-)

  2. Vampie
    May 16, 2010 at 10:00 am

    This is exactly what I've been looking for.
    It works perfect.
    If it would be a standalone application, it would be awesomme. :-)